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where would be the best place to go trout fishing this weekend

give a shot to the local lakes in surrey. Green timbers, Latimer , or Surrey lake would be pretty good at this time of year. flyfishing seems to work good, but if you cant, you can use worms or roe on a spinning rod. not to mention spinners and spoons would work really well too. I know these lakes are getting stocked lately. I also heard somewere that buntzen just got stocked with 500 rainbows, but their hard to catch, concidering its too early for buntzen. Too deep for this time of year. If you want to go to the rivers to catch cutties or other trout , just ask alex. he knows alooooooooooot more then me when it comes to trout fishing in rivers. John

Here is the list of lakes that were stocked in the last 60 days in Lower Mainland:

Buntzen Lake - 500
Como Lake - 350
Deer Lake - 250
Lafarge Lake - 350
Latimer Pond - 375 (half are over 40 sm)
Mike Lake - 200
Mill Lake - 287
Rolley Lake - 250
Sardis Pond - 121 (over 40 sm)
Sasamat Lake - 250
Trout Lake - 200 (half are over 40 sm)
Whonnock Lake - 100

Most of lakes with elevation below 300m are ice free, but it looks like only urban lakes were stocked with some trout so far.

I hear that water level in Buntzen lake was changing recently. That means that fish might be stressed. Smaller lakes, like Sasamat or Mike lake might offer better opportunities.

thank you for the info but i was hoping for a lake near harrison or chilliwack hope area are there any lakes in these areas that might be good

Hicks and Dear might be worth a try but I have never fished them this time of year. Creek mouths on the Harrison may produce.
The Fraser and its tributaries should be good for Cutthroat along with the Harrison river.
salmon assasin

is that all of the fish they stock in those lakes? usualy como gets like 2000
The Yak

they dont usually do a huge dump all at once... its usually spread out over a few months... At least thats what i see from looking at the stocking tables... especially for lower mainland lakes...

como lake ufortunately is finished due to a spill of toxic pollutants nearby. All the fish were killed off. Sad to say. The officials think that the lake may never recover. Sad to see ducks and geese swimming around merrily in toxic crap.
salmon assasin

how long ago was this?
I was there a last weekend and saw some risers. didnt catch anything
The Yak

i hope not... you have to be under 16 a senior citezen or disabled to fish there...

Is Como Lake really teeming with toxic waste?

The Yak:

I didn't realize that this lake was also open to the disabled. I have only seen that seniors and children could fish there and I kinda thought that the disabled would/should also be included but I couldn't find any references to that effect?


The only reference I found was:

BC Family Fishing Weekend

which I think is an *official* BC government site?
The Yak

ive asked the fisheries guys... Being that im in a wheelchair it was in my best interest.. If you look a the synopsis.. it also says that its a wheelchair accessible lake. Why would they put that in the synopsis if the disabled could'nt fish there. There is a sign at the lake about who can fish there too...but i cant remember if says anything to that effect... ill check it next time i go there..

it is wheelchair to under sixteen years age and disabled or bc senior. i thought green timbers was also age restricted...yet i don't see that in the regs...don't figure!

ggreentimbers is NOT age restricted i phoned the people who are takeing care of the lake and grounds and said its open to anyone
The Yak

That good fishfreak but we were talking about Como Lake..

Thanks for the info guys, I'll try the lake out this spring. Of course, if the lake is toxic, I'll definitely be catching and release though.


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