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I have been wanting to fix my 12 footer up for quiete some time now and i just repainted it and built a new transom, and i was thinking about putting in a carpeted plywood floor for extra stability when two people are casting, and some storage, i noticed some of you (bently, mcgrey) did great jobs on your boats, i was wondering if the floor weighed the boat down much? and what you used to build it?

I used 5/8 plywood with some pieces of ripped 2x4's underneath along with some lath where I needed to build it up a bit here and there. I wanted to use 3/4 but it's too overkill and also too heavy. I can definitely notice the difference in power with the floor boards in but I still have plenty of power to get up on a plane with all the gear and the wife with me too.

Take the floor boards out with just me and my bare essentials and I feel like I have a 30 hp on it, not a 9.9, lollol

why carpet?
it's just going to get wet and rot.
and it adds that much more weight.

i'd rubber-coat the wood
and if you are using blocking underneath, i'd go with thinner plywood as the deck then.

but, if you are usually only trolling anyway, it doesn't really matter.

I use outdoor carpet and the last floor boards I built lasted well over 10 years so I'm not too worried about it. The plywood and carpet was a grand total of around $55, I'd say it pays for itself in comfort as I like to have bare feet in the boat when it's nice and sunny in the summertime.

In the wintertime I take it right out and just go bare floors anyways.

The carpet I use is probably less than a 1/4" thick, it's not slippery at all and lasts for years. It probably has more grip than the bare floor itself and is nice when going barefoot when nice out. The false floors I just made for my 12 aluminum will last me well over a decade and probably longer than that if I take really good care of them, but i don't really care, as long as I have an even surface in all the boat sections, that's all that counts to me.

did you just build those storage boxes out of plywood and drill them to each bench? did you use hinges? is it water proof? sorry for all the questions haha i appreciate the good info

Fishing forum > 12' aluminum boats


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