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Okay so there was just a thread about Chum salmon and whether they are okay to eat or not but, I was wondering if this is considered "Chrome". I am going to eat it regardless since it is obviously fairly fresh and just started getting stripes. Caught out past Mission in a secret location :P. Any good home recipes? I don't want to bother smoking one fish.

That one is a little too striped to be considered "chrome", but it's still a good looking fish and will be perfectly good to eat.

This is a "chrome" chum

Oh okay. I think I should have took a picture when It was caught.. It wasn't as dark as in my picture. It turned a fair amount darker over the last day in the fridge and being out while fishing. It definitely was not like yours though

That pic is courtesy of Brian Niska, owner of Whistler Fly Fishing.

those squamish area fish are probably some of the cleanest you will get around here in fresh water since they are only km's from the ocean

I was reading google and apparently because chum spawn so near the ocean, they do not have time to build up much oil in their systems. So when they come up into fresh water to spawn they have less protection (oil). Their flesh goes bad faster than the rest! Apparently they are good to eat though and some people even prefer Chum if they are very fresh.

Me and my friend got our 1 chum each on the vedder on friday and we smoked it and it tastes alright. Just got to really pick and choose which one you take. Theres no shortage of them, and there are some nasty ones as well. Made a little bit into salmon jerky as well and its good as well.

Mr Wild,
Good looking fish great to eat/smoke!!
Silver brights or Cromers shouldn't have any bars on the sides...a bright flash and no plastic bag around the Squamish fish probably helped

I cooked the baby up 350C for 30 minutes, dumped sea salt, oregino, virgin olive oil, garlic powder, ranch dressing and ceaser dressing on it. It tastes really good actually! All these people spreading bad stigma about Dogs/Chum Salmon and yet they taste almost like any other Salmon. A little less rich in Flavour and white meat but hey! Maybe it helped the fish was fairly fresh still.

Glad you enjoyed your fish.

I don't listen to what the critics say about salmon, personally I like to eat a bowl of boiled hump {pink} with whole spuds and onions and a few raw garlic cloves but hey that's just what I like when it comes to fresh salmon.

After being a commercial guy for a very long time I can say that salmon are not my first "GO TO" fish if I had a choice, but they still taste wonderful to me.

I have only tried Salmon (all kinds), Trout, Cod, Alaskan black Cod and Mackerel. I think deep fried black Cod was the tastiest treat

Wilde , I hear Chum deep fried are as good if not better than halibut. I've yet to try it myself but my sources are good,life time West Coasters !! I'm giving it a go soon, I'll let ya know

Yeah ive also heard of people making fish n chips out of chum, they tell me that is the only way that they cook chums now because it is so good.
stink finger

A friend makes fish n chips with white springs says it awesome not my preference but to each their own

I'd say if your finger stinks your barking up the wrong tree anyway!!!lol
I agree white spring is an acquired taste , I've had it well done on a BBQ before though

when I worked for Canadian fish co. The Chum were flash frozen for shipment to European countries. Not much of a market here for That salmon, They canned the pinks and sockeye. Don't know why they wouldn't have canned the Chum.
Louis Vuitton

Chum are good eating when fresh, iether just in the fresh water or if caught in the ocean. If eaten that day or within a couple, I actually feel they are very good. They are also good cold smoked as lox.

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