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This may be a stupid question, but when you tie your fly on to your leader does the hook need to be facing up or down? does it make a difference when presenting it to the fish?

The fly will balance itself out, just tie it on.

Where the f--k do you think the hook part will be, it's the heaviest part of the fly, it will "balance" itself out and automatically the hook will be on the bottom, think about it. What your actually saying {without saying it} is that there is a top and bottom on the line that your tying, lollol.

If it makes any difference, I always loop the line through the bottom of the fly first, but it doesn't matter, the only way a fly will go through the water wrong is if the material it is tied with is too one sided.

but if your retrieving or trolling it will not balance itself out.

A tie tool?Do you mean a whip finisher?There are many different tools for tying.Some flies such as clousers are meant to ride hook up.The roof of the mouth is a fine place to hook a fish. It's 6 am.Just sayin

i've never used a tool to tie. my flies are hook down except some of the weighted flies which are meant to be hook up.i've never tied a knot which caused a fly to turn over (aand i have watched my flies to see how they float). learn to tie proper knots and a tool is not necessary. i fish with a friend who uses a tieing tool. i usually have my knots tied while he is fumbling with his tool. i see no advantage to them if you learn how to tie the knots you need.

wtf is a tie tool? Something a tool uses to tie knots?

"Flies do not balance out. Maybe you should paddle over to your fly next time Bently. Take a look at a bugger when you're trolling it. Like I said before. Don't tie flies by hand. Use a tie tool. Its increased my chances of the hook facing down."

Hey gmcbill,

I've been tying flies for over 25 years buddy, you can't tell me anything about what a fly does, sounds to me like you have no clue what your talking about. When you've tied over 1,000 flies like I have, come talk to me , until then, go play with your tool. LOLLOL

Guys that troll fly's aren't real fly fishermen, just wannabe's. Casting, mending, stripping, figuring out how to create what the bug actually does in real life is what fly fishing is all about.

I think Bently only gets upset when ignorance is touted as fact.....
Louis Vuitton

Most flies will naturally ride with the hook point down based on how the materials are tied along the shank and their water resistance/buoyancy in relation to the hook bend/point. That being said, some flies need to be 'tuned' once tied.
On another note, depending on the materials used and the style of fly in it's own right, they may ride hook point up.
Though I honestly don't believe that there is any one single way to tie a fly on a leader, some ways do help in aiding the fly to ride correctly in the way it was supposed to based on how it's tied and the style of fly.
When tying on dry flies, I usually always used an improved clinch not.
When fishing most wet flies and streamers, I usually use Lefty's Loop.

Back on topic...If you learn to tie loop knots such as a rapala or Duncan loop, your fly will be less impacted by your tippet.This is important for stillwaters with small flys like chironomids and mayfly nymphs. Edit sorry LV I posted just after you .loop knots good

gmcbill, i think you are the one needing to grow up. you seem to argue with whatever is said without giving it any thought or better yet checking it. maybe you should paddle over to your fly.
i have also tied a lot of flies in my time although i suspect bently has tied more. as bently said, confirmed by louis v (an expert flyfisherman by the way ) that unless a fly is tied unballanced it will ride with the hook down. (to answer the thread initiator thatsar'bow , even when being trolled or retrieved ). the exception would be with weighted flys which may turn over such as the clousers. not all weighted hooks tun over though, depending how the weight is attached. if you tied flies i could explain further but for this thread it is not necessary.
by the way, bently is not an old man. if he was i'd be pre-historic . quit insulting your elders !(kidding ). by the way your inexperience is shown by your reliance on a tieing tool. learn to tie without one. my question is how on earth would you tie a size 18 fly using a tool?
as for your tirade about the owner/moderator, again grow up. can't you defend yourself without being able to hide behind the mod man? bently never said anything offensive. he answered the mebers question and you chose to strongly disagree. he responded quite appropriately , explaining himself. are you so sensitive that it bothered you? come on !
i saw your attempt at further disruption which quickly got deleted. glad you know of a better fishing site. i guess you will spend your time with them .

Hey Thank you all for your answers! I'll go away and practice more than the one knot I know. Since starting fly fishing last year I have packed in my gear fishing rod and reels. I absolutely love fly fishing. I forgot who mentioned (amongst all the blabbering) lol that real fly fishing isnt just trolling around. I think this is so very true. Fly fishing is a science and a challenge. This is what makes it so interesting. Hence my question on the presentation of the fly. If there was anything off topic from my question, it was still educational. Thank you again.

By the way, MY thread and I'm not offended. A bit of banter isn't so bad. Bentley talks like he would in front of his mates. I tell my friends to f*** off if I do not agree with what they say all the time.

i thought it was a very informative thread. thanks for asking the question . there are diferent opinions but the laws of physics makes sense. the hook is down !
the moderator

Sorry if I pi$$ed anybody off, I was just trying to help, and BTW, I forgot to mention that when people troll flies you'll often see them rolling, like you would say a cut plug herring. This is because the fly is weighted more on one side and once it starts going fast enough it will just start to roll, you can't do much about it except change the fly, although, sometimes it will still work.

BTW, I don't troll flies except for bucktails.

like someone said, weighted flies are designed to run beads down.
and it would take the maker using foresight as to which way the hook would be facing.

why do some think it's better to be hook down and catch in the jaw?
i prefer to catch in the roof of the mouth as that is a much more solid anchor.
i change all my lures so that they run with the single barbless facing up.

hey old grey 1, sure hope you never fall in. with all those tools strapped onto your vest you will sink for sure !
bently, don\t be so sensitive. apologizing. my gosh what is the world coming to !
ha ha !

The only flies I have where the hook is pointing up while fishing is some of the tube and intruders that I tie, and that's just because I put them that way, all others will automatically go hook down, because that's how they are supposed to be.

Cagey, I think I hurt the little guys feelings, can't have that on here now can we, LOLLOL

Well, I buttoned up really good and went out in the rain at lafarge to practice fly fishing. I tried both ways of tying the knot on the hook. (hook up and down). I caught several trout and the hook either set in the top jaw or the lower jaw. It wasn't consistently in one or the other. So tomorrow I am going to Morris lake to give it a go with 2 different rods, same fly but tied on differently. I cant find anywhere in any books stating that it should be up or down so I think Bently is spot on when he says it will correct itself.

Anyone know if Morris is worth going to now?

I don't carry any special Knot Tying Tool with me, ever. The only thing I carry is a long {pretty thick} needle, it goes in one of the fly boxes in my vest when I'm using my single hander, or my waterproof waist pack when I'm using the two hander. I don't like using a vest when I'm using the spey.

thatsarainbow....|enjoyed your thread..good question..I also just picked up a flyrod about 2-3 months ago..its so awesome..I started tying flies a month ago too...and i was abit stumped with the hook up or down question too..then abit more research and started seeing pics of flies with up pointed trailing hooks...I tye alot of flies like that now...mostly just steelhead(tis the season)..and i basically only fish the rivers up here on the north island...cant wait to sping/summer to start hooking into alot of trout..oh and then salmon..woohoo

ok..kinda read it wrong...when tying onto a leader there is no wrong way

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