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caught 60 chum on the weekend all caught and released great weekend


There, I finished it for ya, LOLLOL.

No big secret guy, I landed close to 50 there in 6 hours yesterday. Tons of fish in there right now, but the later run will have better fish though.
Unreel Luck

I tried trolling spoons and spinners from the mouth of the Harrison river to the #7 highway for 4 hours on Saturday and didn't catch one salmon. I must have seen about fifty of them jumping, but still came up empty handed. What am I doing wrong???

Salmon can be fussy when it comes to spoons, it may be the speed in which you trolled or maybe they just weren't into the color. It could be many things, one never knows. I think you'd have a better chance at catching one on a spoon if you were to cast and retrieve, this way you can change the speed and the way you present it to the fish.

If all else fails go up river past the #7 bridge to one of the bars and throw out a jig 3 to 4 ft under a float and hold on, LOLLOL.

use jigs.

I've never been to the Harrison but is there a bar that I can access without a boat?

For what I know it is hard to access a bar without a boat.
I am tempted to do it the coming weekend. It took me 45 minutes to raw the canoe to the bar pass #7 bridge. But It is not too bad comparing walking whole day and fish with a million of people on Vedder.

Well, I do have a 12 ft aluminum boat with a 9.9 motor, would that do?

That's what I use up there, no problems at all. I go everywhere in it, I launch at Kilby and go fish the mouth for a while and then I go up river past the #7 bridge, just get out there and have some fun on the chum, maybe even get into a coho or two.

Are the chum still fresh in the Harrison right now because after fishing the toxic tigers at stave i am kind of discouraged.

You'll find the first chum of the year are often coloured bucks.Bright, clean fish are still on the way.It is possible to get chrome does with lice into mid November

Thanks for the reply Bently, but I'm new to taking it in the river should I be worried of the current or the water being to shallow? and how long of a boat ride to the bar above the bridge? Thanks so much

would wool on just on a medium sized hook work for chum or coho at the bars on harrison past the 7 bridge? usually used that fishing the stave in the past and produced well
Unreel Luck

Look at google maps and you'll see where the deeper channel runs.

When you pass the #7 bridge going up river just stay to the right all the way, you'll see the people beaching their boats and casting off the bars, maybe 4 or 5 minutes by 9.9 hp motor from the bridge.

Thanks Bently

you are wrong on where it is

It doesn't really matter, there's no secret chum fishing holes in the lower mainland, lollol

actully no one has been there for hmm 5 days sooo lololol on u

Well, if it's such a secret why even mention anything then.

Just so you know, Bragging about chum is like bragging about how fuel efficent a smart car is. Who cares !!

Oh BTW, Just had a look at your pics, who's the idiot that brought that sturgeon into the boat ? It's waaaaay too big a fish to be bringing aboard a boat. Clowns !

bently, don't even bother with this kid. he's just an annoying little kid accessing daddy's sharphooks profile.
the moderator

FYI, I don't need to know anymore chum fishing locations, I know plenty as it is, and couldn't give a rats ass where he is fishing, and I'll always call out an idiot who endangers a fish like that, hopefully it wasn't his dad cause you know what they say, like father like son, lollol.

dont you know that chums are hard to find and catch bently? Obviously the kid doesnt want to give up his secret river (STAVE).


Guess what, you are old and slow, why do you think I call you the Ol'Grey One bud, LOLLOL.

I don't know if it was 50, but as I said "close to 50", but it sure seemed like more than a few dozen, that's for sure.

It was more or less a "who cares" jest towards the youngster who started the thread as he feels he's found the glory hole, LOLLOL.

BTW, what's with the grass bath and hero shot? No wader day was it ?? Poor ol buck, what did he ever do to you LOLLOL

if a fish covered in dry grass being held up for a pic(an un picture worthy specimen if I ever saw one) 10 ft from the water isnt mis handling then what is? Not trying to be a dick, just callin it like I see it

Poor ole DOG

ugly dog-salmon.

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