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hit the Vedder on friday with the ole man and a family friend, stayed on the river to be there for first light and basically hammered the water with everything but no love landed unfortunately, lol....had a few on, had a couple break off and a few bites but for the amount of time the 3 of us put in that day the fishin was definitely slow for us....did see a few jacks/chum and coho caught (mainly by someone flossing em though, lol)....shout out to smokin for trying what he could to get us into some and at least sending us home with a white jack was damn good, lol!!

Now Saturday was a different story all together!!....Had planned on hitting Vaseux for some bass originally but as a couple of us were not to keen on basically fishing right along side the highway all day I decided to look for another new lake in the area (folks are in peachland) to bring everyone to and hopefully get them into some fish (dad, brother, uncle, myself and a family friend) as well as try a new lake that is somewhat close to me as well...anyways the little bro and I decided on Darke Lake and what a great choice!!.......ended up catching 30 or so fish (we honestly lost count, lol)...all shore fishing and took 8 home to add to the fish nugget pot for dinner that night .......was about 5-1 with brookies vs rainbows as the brookies were just going nuts once we found something that worked.....kinda funny as its something i've never used before but really make perfect sense and was just killin em!.......Buzz bomb with a bead head fly at the end rather than the normal ugly 3 prongers...really I guess it basically works like a sinking fly with a flasher, lol!......once it hit bottom we were just jigging it back up a foot or two at a time and letting it fall and they were just smashing it on the drop.....will post a few pics if I can get my Uncle to send em to me soon enough......probably was my last days of fishing until I return from work again sometime in november though so Happy turkey day, may you all get fat and happy and tight lines.

ps....if you haven't tried fish nuggets battered in instant garlic mashed potatoes yet then you are REALLY missing out!!!!!.......soak chunks in cream....quick dip in egg wash and then into the instant mashed (can add lemon dill or other spices if you choose as well)....then just deep fry em up, throw some lemon on and mmmmmmmmm....did the white jack, couple rainbow, bunch of brookies and a slab of hali up for poker snacks on saturday night and they were incredible!!!


Nice report. Thanks.

sounds delicious. love brookies !

Good read.thanks

A few pics of the beauty brookies .......




The face pics are of uncle and younger brother, lol

sure are colourful ! i'm hoping to be able to catch brookies at my neighbourhood lake next spring. they should be good sized by then as they were stocked this spring. you will have to come up for a try once the ice is off mzmann. we will get chaka up here and have a sharphooks day!

Yes they were beautiful colors indeed but the pics just don't quite show em like they really were!!.....Definitely game for tryin your local lake out as well ice fishing there?.....I know I will be heading back to Darke for some ice fishin when it hits and im home

wouldm love too try darke with you. as for my lake, yes to ice fishing.

cool, will give ya a shout after im back and able to head out again.

nice Mike! Those are some pretty fish. Maybe next time youre down youll have better luck

Thanks Smokin and yes, hopefully!!...will see whats happening around mid Nov when im home again as it doesn't look like I will be able to make it down again before I head out...may have to do some dinosaur hunting then.....

Fishing forum > Last couple outings.


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