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I have heard of a spot called the box by a log boom on the lower fraser by steveston, has anyone tried there? i want to launch my 12 footer with 15hp from westham island out there i have heard it isnt too far, any input? i wouldnt be going out to the mouth or anything of course i do know its before that on the river

sorry didnt mean to double post

I was out in steveston today , chop in the harbour wouldnt recomend it with the wind we've been having.

im not sure if it is quiete that far he said stick to the left when you leave westham launch and once you hit the main fraser from canoe pass stick left for a few seconds you will see a box shaped out of logs and people fish there, he said it was called "the box"

The "BOX" is at the end of NO#2rd. We used to tie up our seine boat right bedside there. You can use the boat launch just to the left of 2 rd, it's inside the tarmac where they work on the boats. If you can't find it, your blind. Just be careful of the deadheads and such around that area, but totally okay with a 12 ft aluminum, your inside the breakwater, by shelter Island and the old Paramount dock at Trites road.

Google the launch if you have to, it's pretty easy to find man.

google earthed it seems easy enough to find, i was told the box was on the left side of the river though?

Ya, the box is on the left side of the river, outside the break water. Nice sandy beaches and lots of snaggers!!! LOL
Again, I wouldn't go there this time of the year in a 12 footer.I've taken waves over the top of a 30 foot gillnetter just outside Steveston.
I think your talking about the "POND" Bently
PS a ton of Snow Geese out there today

Well I will definetely pick my day and not go on a too windy day. The guy I talked to last weekend at wratham launch had a 12 footer with less free board and a 9. HP

ya guys go all through there in hunting season with punts......

All i know is that the area just east of the paramount dock has been called the "box" for the 30 yrs I've been fishing outta there. there is old pilings that go right out to Shelter island and at low tide it traps the fish so that they are just sitting ducks. Guys used to camp on shelter island and poach the sockeye every year they were there, maybe I'm wrong though.

Are you talking the main river or the right beside the land by the tie up docks.

well the directions i was given from the guy at westham boat launch was to follow the river straight out from the launch past westham island then reach the main fraser and keep left and you will see boxes formed out of logs almost, when i say follow the main channel i mean dont take a right in direction of captains cove dont go past the westham island bridge follow that other passage

You guys are talking about a different section of river than me then. The local Steveston boys just take their boats out and hang out on Shelter Island with a fire going and camp/fish till they get a tote full and then find a buyer.

Chris,I'm pretty sure you're talking about the Ladner side,across from Steveston.Yes there are boxes made of pilings.This area is ripe with old pilings and can be a boating nightmare.As far as weather,you'll know by the time you get past the breakwater.If you get a S/E wind and a falling tide,forget it.Spooner is right it CAN be nasty.
The Steveston side has two "boxes" on the outside of the island.Spooner was also right about the snaggers.
PS what's with the time on posts? it's 7 am

Ya, that's screwy, I posted late last night, not early this morning.

so i went out today to the spot i was mentioning, i just missed dropping tide, the guy beside me got 2 chums as i was there, other than that no one got anything, definetely a spot where people like to snag i was completely unaware of the rigs they were using, they used a weight 1 foot of line a hook and another hook then a snap swivel, ive never seen that used before but they were all mostely just widlely swinging there rods trying to snag a fish while i was trying to bar fish, no luck for me a few pulls on the rod and that was it

The old gillnet guys call that the Box or the Albion it can really fill up with sockeye in there.

Awesome day Monday hey Chris, took my gillnetter out to do some scouting too . Hardly a ripple on the water

Fishing forum > 12 foot aluminum in lower fraser?


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