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I bought some roe from a fishing store, looks just like it would when you gut a salmon i also just bought the bags and thread to tie it. Do you think it has already been cured by the store? how do you tell? If it isnt why couldnt i bag it uncured and fish with it? new to roe fishing so some help would be appreciated

thanks alot!

there are natural colour cures. you can tell by the hardness... Theoretically you can fish an uncured bag of roe. It won't have the smell and attractant like cured roe would have. It is most likely cured already but I cant be 100% positive without seeing it

Why not ask the guy selling it if it's cured or not?As far as roe bags go,most guys use water hardend singles.If the roe is still on the skein,just use a bait loop.Uncured roe can be be deadly,but it simply doesn't last as long

uncured roe supposedly carries diseases peculiar to the specific run of salmon. it says somewhere , for this reason, not to use uncured roe or unfrozen roe from a diferent stream.

I did not think about asking till after lol. I got it at still water sports but the container says berrys bait and tackle so I am assuming they get there bait from berrys so if anyone knows if they sell it already cured that would probaby answer this. Thanks again

Don't worry, it's cured.

If you can get roe right out of a fish while your on the river bank fishing and get it to stay on your hook, that's the best possible roe you can get, hands down, anyone says different, their on glue. It has the freshest, most pure scent of all and fish go crazy over it.

absolutely bently. and the next best is cured roe that has not yet been frozen. each step you take cuts down on the smell it seems .

hey cagey, where did you hear that you are not allowed to use fresh roe in certain waters? that is not true in b.c. Maybe in the u.s.a. but not here

smokin, i recall reading it somewhere , possibly in the salmon regs not to use uncured roe in another stream. you can use uncured roe in the river the fish is caught in.
i am not 100 % sure if i am correct . i'll see if i can find what i read (and it was several years ago.)

You can buy fresh or frozen uncured roe from Robs bait.

i cured some... I used pro cure. is it normal to have stained fingers when you use the roe a week later. I also think i used too much cure. I would do it different and watch youtube next time lol

Did you read the instructions on the bottle ? LOLLOL

If all else fails.................

yes. Just wondering if it always stains after cured for a few weeks and frozen

Did you dry it properly and give it a dusting of borax before freezing ? That's what I do and I don't get "stained" at all when I use mine.

Fishing forum > cured roe?


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