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Has any one ever kept a chum salmon from the stave or vedder river even if their a little green this past fall or this year? I saw some chum and hooked into one today at the vedder. I released it because it was greenish. Do they taste ok?

Should not be green. Green means that is already rotten and fish is no more fresh and healthy.
Salmon skin is covered with protective scales, secreted by the epidermal (skin) cells. But this scales is produce only in salt water. When the fish is migrating in fresh water his body is not producing the scale and the fish is no more protected against diseases. I would not try to keep or consume that fish when it start to turn green. Picture is showing one chum from Stave last year.


People have been smoking fish like that for century's and none of them have died except from old age, LOLLOL.

Just because a fish is darker than normal doesn't mean the meat is no good anymore, get with the program man.

When I was young I used to eat fruits not washed strait from the ground. Just blow the dust and good to go. Nothing happened. Let a kid to do that those days. He will end up in the hospital. People are no more what they used to be . Human body lost o lot of its natural imunity through the time,and these just because they tried to compensate with all those crappy vaccins and self prescribe medication, especialy antibiotics.

Sorry, double post.

double post

Considering a majority percentage of chum have color while still ocean bound this makes no sense at all.

I think he needs to go back to the study hall or try some of my smoked fish and see if he gets sick. LOLLOL

Also, in the 30 years of commercial salmon fish that I have done , there have been many years where we would get a boat load of chum late in the season and they'd be just as colored as the one in the pic and sell them to the entire world, again, nothing wrong with the fish at all.



beak to the rescue. i am sure the member will confirm the white spots had nothing to do with that fish .

There are the boots that are just too far gone but to say a chum isn't any good because it has gotten it's colors is just stupid. Saying this is basically saying that all fish have to be chromers to be good to eat, andwe know that isn't true.


You have to cook it right otherwise its gross.. apparently chums in the ocean and other systems can taste good though.. Anyways in the vedder I would release all chums and white springs and just keep coho.. maybe keep the roe and give away fish. I have to try a coho still but apparently theyre much better. Chums colour up fast but theyre abundant so you can always release it and try and catch a chrome one if you really want it.. right now water is low so its harder.

Fishing forum > Chum salmon


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