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Author Topic: Does salmon roe need borax?

I just got some salmon roe that isn't cured because Walmart and Army n Navy were both out! So it is nearly done defrosting in the sun, I have some Pro-Cure purple for it. The front of the pro cure says "patent applied for - Unique chemical formulation contains no borax. Dry cure will store indefinitely. Also I watched fishing with Rod's how to cure salmon roe and he just strait freezes his without it?

Well, it doesn't need it, but borax does make the roe harder so it won't fall off the hooks as easily but too much borax and your roe won't last that long. So it's really a personal preference.

I will be using roe bags too so maybe I shouldn't worry about borax?

Don't worry about borax unless you have a lot and you plan on storing it .! There a ton of ways to cure roe on YouTube .

Yea, If you are using roe bags then you don't need borax, I use roe bags too, they work very well.

Awesome! Yeah I got some Pro-cure from walmart for 13 bucks and copied what Rod said to do in the video "fishing with Rod how to cure salmon roe" and after taking it out of the fridge it seems like it worked great! It has a jerky feel to it but it isn't so dry that It will get freezer burn, now I will leave it overnight. Can't wait to try using it - it seems way batter already then the pre cured salmon roe you get at fishing stores. Cheers!

You could have just read this thread down a little bit on the first page, I basically went through the entire process with pictures included.

Thread title,

"Guys i need help find a fresh roe seller"

Fishing forum > Does salmon roe need borax?


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