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My friend can not seem to remember exactly where a spot he used to go is on the chilliwack above the vedder crossing, he said he had to drive down a gravel road and then it was about a 30 minute hike and he mentioned slesse creek, but i was not sure if there was a run at slesse park? he said he has had alot of luck there in the years. Does anyone have any idea which hole this is?

any ideas would be awsome thanks

also im new to this style of fishing, if anyone could give me some advice that would be awsome. I have heard to use a river float with about 4 feet underneath and a pencil lead weight and a hook size? and red wool? How should i present the hook is my main question, just cast it out and let it drift the river and slowly reel back?

appreciate the help!

I don't know where that spot is because I rarely fish that high up. Yes, your supposed to use a float, but because of the low water conditions try using cleardrift floats. I keep the length between my hook and weight between 1.5-2ft and I adjust the distance between my hook and float so that it is 1-2 ft shorter than the actual depth of where I am fishing. Yes, you used pencil lead weight, use enough so you can only see the coloured tip of you float. Keep your hook size small. Yes, you could use red wool but I personally like to use roe. Use a small piece of wool, about the size of your pinky nail. Just cast out and let it drift with the current. Tight Lines! -Balraj

Nice try, maybe next time. LOL

Kidding aside, just go to Freds website, click on "fishing reports" and then you'll see a "river map" on the left , click on it and it shows you everywhere on the river and the names of all the known name spots, plus Fraser River spots and boat launches.

awsome! thanks

using the pencil weight should i run a leader off of the swivel to the weight or just have it right in my main line

Good post here in regards to setups......

I use split shot most of the time, other times I'll use slinky's with a snap swivel.

My old man just used surgical tubing on the main line with a hunk of pencil lead shoved into it, you can still slide it up or down this way too and you can also change the size of lead as well.

Too many ways to use lead these days it's not even funny.

i have been to bell acres on the river before, i had no luck but many around me did, have any of you tried that spot?

Fished there for years and have had many stellar days too.

Reading water is sometimes a really big deal when hunting down fish in the Vedder.

Where ever you think a fish wouldn't be, make a cast or two there anyway, sometimes you'll be surprised at what the outcome will be.

Some days you just have it, some days you don't, but that's what makes it challenging.

Keep at it man.

I heard spinners and shiny lures are outproducing roe and wool a lot right now

Gotta love the live updates, well done man, keep at er, you'll get one.

we might get rain tomorrow and saturday. i'll be out drifting my roe on saturday near bergman road area. i'll post if i get any luck.

Don't count on any amount of rain. if it does , it will only be a little sprinkle and won't change a thing water level wise.

Still lots of fish to cacth though, just not as easy as usual. Even the snaggers are having a hard time, I love it.

Today was really hard for me and others as well. Few days ago it was better.. Need some rain

Fishing forum > vedder/chilliwack river question


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