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Where do you guys suggest me and my friend go fishing for springs on the vedder? We might go Saturday. The 29th.

Anywhere on the river, guess it depends on how you plan on fishing.

If your gonna fish properly with bait, blades, flies, etc etc, I'd suggest you stay away from the snag fest regular spots like Train Bridge, Tamahi or Kieth Wilson Bridge areas, the fish will be so spooked you'd be wasting your time and bait.

If your gonna play snagger then I guess it doesn't matter where you go, although I could tell you a good place but might not like it, LOLLOL

LOL tell me the good place. Ill keep it a secret.

"tell me the good place"

That should have been your user name, LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLOLLOL

Still waiting for rain but anywhere is fine. Yesterday went to kw bridge and saw nice springs landed. Go early and fish deep pools.

Good advice. Or go and walk up or down the river on the section that you want to fish. Good way to discover new spots and see the changes from year to year. I always sacrifice one day when is low so the rest of my trips are better

I stood on the KWB looking down at the rippers, all those fish caught are snagged, why they even use a float is beyond me. Pitiful really, when you consider that they will actually bite if they didn't have gear being yanked around them all friggin day.

I'd be ashamed to even be seen at that area with a rod in my hand but some people gotta do what they gotta do I guess.

The more snaggers there are at those spots makes more room at the other spots though so it works in favor of the "real" fishermen. Pretty lame when you have to snag a fish in the Vedder.

People are snagging already on the vedder? I thought it's October when the gong show begins. Aren't fish still few and far between? It's pretty stupid to be snagging when there is barely any fish in There.

what difference does it make how many fish are there when youre snagging? Its still being a beak regardless if theres 1 or its plugged. If you know how and where and when to fish you will do good. Meaning floatfishing good roe at first light in pools or runs. Dont be a snagging beak

Ive always wanted a no fishing reg that states no fishing between kw bridge and hwy #1 bridge. These idiots with rods arent real fisherman, pathetic really. How can you even feel proud of catching a fish like that. But i guess i see it everywhere on the vedder, the numbers using this ripping style are increasing. Im seeing to many of them as the years pass.

I'm not sure the exact spot name but I was there yesterday. landed 3. the guy beside me in two hours hooked into (mouth) about 13. It was great fishing. I'm not much of a fan of white meat though. never tried white salmon. Is it any good?

From the vedder no.. Cant cook on bbq like reds.. But apparently white springs from other systems like alaska are really good and expensive too. More than sockeye

what are you talking about white springs taste just fine
i bonked one from the vedder last weekend and baked it in the oven with some marinade and it was delicious

i was skeptical at first about keeping a white spring cause i have been told their mediocre eating. but it was actually very delicious

can you tell the difference before you bonk it?

Fishing forum > Vedder springs


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