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Author Topic: do homemade crayfish traps work?

I want to try out a DIY crayfish trap on my next fishing trip and am wondering if anybody has had good luck with the milk jug/2 litre bottle type traps? is it worth it to buy a collapsable and if so were is the best place?

There has been a little bit of crayfish talk on here but more curiosity than actual experience. From what I gather the best traps are hand made out of chicken wire type material. Then are fished in rocky areas. There are commercial traps you can buy, I found one last year washed up on the rocks. Because of this I am interested to try too, with two large clean lakes on either side of me. Let me know if you do try it out and what your findings are. I wanted to give this a shot this summer, but got too bust with boring non-fishing related diversions...damn work. As for bait, there is a lot of controversy there, some use dog food, others canned fish...

awesome guys thanks, im going to one of the creeks in Chilliwack today to try out a home made one. I've heard canadian tire has cheap traps, any word on there value?
Fish'n BC

Hmmm...interesting, I'm going to have to give that a try too.

Yeah the one I found was just like MrGrey1's photo. I have not tried it yet, but have done a lot of crab and prawn trapping. Sounds similar, just freshwater...

You can easily make yourself a decent crayfish trap out of many different things. It's basically a crab trap right. My brother had good luck with putting the trap not too far off of shore in the Fraser where there was big rocks as the bank, not mud or small rocks but the big ones. Just put it in with some rotting/semi fresh meat and they will fill the trap them self over the day/night!

I just bought a collapsable prawn trap from army n navy. It was $30. I figured my time is too valuable dick around trying to build a trap when they are so cheap. Just make sure you buy one with a big enough hole for the crayfish to fit in. Been having pretty decent success with raw chicken and/or bacon. Even catch the odd pike minnow in them. lol. (obviously i throw those back.)

And the best way to cook them? are these the same thing as in Luisianna?

THROW BACK A PIKE MINOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!?

Yeah. If I don't plan on eating it, I'm not gonna kill it.

Haha yeah for sure, I was just being sarcastic =) If only a Salmon could catch itself in the trap next time :P

Fishing forum > do homemade crayfish traps work?


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