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finally there seem to be a few fish showing. i slept in and had to go home before 9 but had some fun in the 1 1/2 hours i spent on the river . second cast i hooked a big brute. never saw it for 5 minutes but it felt heavy. finally it took a run snapping my line. must have had a nick in the line as it broke too easy !
in the next half hour i had 5 bites but couldn't hook one. there were a few fish rolling , a vast improvement from the other day .

oops, is the south thompson a secret spot too?

Good to hear, but shoosh, I think only left handed Spey fishing Amish-Germans can fish there... LOL

Finally!! Good to hear Cagey...Tried the ball diamonds again a few days back for a short while and nadda...mostly been going to the secret lake, lol.....don't think I will be able to make it out that way until maybe Wed morn after 8 otherwise I will have to wait for the weekend again....which with the luck i've been having salmon wise that will already be too late, lol!!
Fish'n BC

Hey guys it would be nice to see some South Thompson and Shuswap river fishing pics, if it's not too secret and you can find some time between casts lol.

Been tryin here and there on the Shuswap river but first need fish other than squawfish to take pics luck has been brutal there so far this year lol....hopefully when I get the chance to head out again and hit the S. Thompson the will change....then maybe I will remember to take some more pics as well, lol

chris , i will try my luck downloading a picture.
mzmann, wednesday sounds like a good day. if there are fish coming up you can catch them any time of the day. not like the shuswap where most of the fish are early am or late pm. maybe chaka can swing it too !
i have not been out to the slidehole but my sources report to me every day. one fish a day pretty well in the morning. not worth the 1 1/2 drive !
for the thompson i fish at banana island. take the chase falkland road at falkland then turn left at the hwy. when you get to the "bluffs" you will see some boats fishing then an island down stream. i fish along side the island, called banana island. my truck will be parked on the side of the road. go about 200 yds and there is a parking area that they blocked off. go in there, across the tracks is a trail but it is steep. go down the tracks about 100 yds there is a trail down to the river that is easier going . see you there hopefully .

Excellent, Sounds good Cagey.....will be doing my best to try and make it out Wed morn so will hopefully meet ya there.

try and make it early. two days in a row they bit fairly early, about 7 am. i lost a 10 pounder at the net then land ed a huge doe. estimated weight 25 pounds. did it fight! took over 20 minutes to land. it just would not give up. will try downloading a photo when i get some time. it was in pretty decent shortage of roe as all 3 i have landed have been does. still have 2 big bags from last year too !
the fellow i was fishing with caught a 10 pound doe. we had a double, the one i lost bit the same time as his. he also got a doe. we each had a few other bites before i got the big one then it died .
will likely not get out now until wednesday am.
chaka, try for a morning fish. you could be back at work by 10:30 !

Nice work!!!......yeah, will be tough for me to make it early until the weekend as I have to have the little one on the bus and then get the missus to work for around 745...if I make it I doubt I would make it until around 930ish and then fish a few hours and head back to be back in town for around 3....if I am able to make it that will be my only option until Saturday morn.....I think I have about enough roe left for a day or 2, lol. I dunno, I may just end up waitin until the weekend as its 3-4hrs driving roundtrip for about the same of fishin......gettin the salmon itch though so we see, lol

a spring i caught last year. it went about 15 pounds or so.

todays fish estimated at 25 pounds. a nice doe. a little coloured but it had nice firm meat!

todays fish. i figure it was close to 25 pounds. a little coloured but the meat was nice and firm and red.

last weekends fish. sorry you have to turn sideways to see it. about 18 to 20 pounds.
Fish'n BC

Looks good cagey, last weekend's fish seems somewhat chrome still or is that just the photo lighting?

chris it was very chrome. some of the fish we get up here are only a few days removed from the ocean. others take their time getting here !
went down to the river this morning but only lasted an hour in the wind and rain. it was freeky sitting by the river in the dark with the wind howling. two big dead trees across the river from me came crashing down.

the fishing seems to be picking up a bit today with a few fish showing their faces on other lines. i did have a couple of bites but none hooked. by 8 am there had been 2 landed and 2 lost.
yesterday i caught and released a 20 pound buck. i caught it first cast so was confident i would get something a lot more silver . not another bite as i froze my bunns off.
mzmann or chaka, it should be worth a try on the weekend. dress warm it is cold until the sun comes up ! i will be at my usual spot both days as well as tommorrow.. i'm going to try little shuswap tonight. it should be good as there are quite a few fish moving up each day it seems.

Hope to heck I can make it before I head back out to work...obvioulsy didnt make it yesterday as I got the call to work (leavin within a week) and had some stuff to take care of so I could not venture out that far for such a short times fishing......did however instead go to the "not so secret" lake with a friend and it ended up a great day with about 25 to the boat between the 2 of us in 4hrs!...biggest being 4lbs and nothing small.....will try and make it out if I can this weekend but its not lookin good ....tight lines all

in case you do not make it, take care mike.
your secret lake sounds like it has been on fire. i am going to have to switch from salmon to trout for a day !

Thanks Cagey and may see you out there yet before I go.

I am trying to get out...even just to the lake. Too much to do for one guy. Maybe tonight or tomorrow, I hope.

msman and chaka,get up early saturday or sunday morning and meet me at the thompson river. the fish are there but not as many as i'd like to see.
this am i had a couple of bites but missed them. caught a gorgeous little dolly about 2 pounds (wish it had been legal as my barbeqye would have been perfect for it !). my buddy caught 2 but one had a big chunk out of it so was quickly released. the other was was chrome ! he got 2 yesterday as well. all bottom fishing witha spin n'glow.
i tried little shuswap last night. not a bite nor did we see anyone with a fish on. there were 10 or so boats, all out until dark.
i understand the natives have been fishing at kamloops lk. they were allowed 6000 fish so it is obvious why there are very few fish.
anyway i will be at my usual spot each morning until the 22nd i suspect !

wont be able to make it on the weekend as with me headin out to work soon the weekend is reserved for family time....however, as it stands I am possibly due out on the 18th or 19th but if it ends up not being for a couple days after that then one of those 2 days I should be able to make it out there.....just waiting on further word/tickets from the office before I know 100% on exact date I will be leaving.

Will shoot you an email if I think I can make it.

Tight lines and chrome fish!!

another morning at my favourite apot. lost 2 bottom fishing with a spin n glow. my buddy lost 3 same method. not a good day for us. one other fellow caught two. one a gorgeous fish over 20 pounds and the second an ugly old 30 pounder.
if only the jerks in the boats would stick to the other side of the river as they head up to where they fish. we've had several jerks run right over our lines. what is ther not to notice about 5 or 6 guys standing on the river bank with fishing rods in their hands in broad daylight. the f'ing river is 200 yds wide and they have to stick within 25 yards of the shore with the fishermen standing. jerks with a capital "J".
Fish'n BC

That seems to happen down here alot too, no need of it!

can you chuck a rock 25 yds?

i did ! it came real close ! (it scared me because i thought i had him and wasn't intending to. )
anyway the boaters must have had some fear put in them by us on friday as they have all veered wide the last 2 days. even the guy who hit my float with his boat.
another gorgeous morning on the river. my better half caught her first spring, a 22 pound white spring. it was very nice shape. no pictures today !
i then caught a nice 18 pound red spring, a doe to boot !
3 more spots on my licence for the month with a week to go !
not sure if i will take the better half in the future. she was too busy phoning all her friends and family to clean the dammed sink.

Yup,it's not about hitting or hurting anyone.Just makin a point.Glad it's turned on for ya

another great morning on the river. i lost one. my buddy had 2 get away before finally landing a gorgeous 25 lb red spring. chrome as could be. hard to beat fishing on mornings like today !

this weather is unbelievable ! and the fishing isn't that bad either. my better half lost 2 nice fish this morning. yours truly lost one and caught a tiny little guy, about 51 cm long. he was in very nice shape so will see the barbeque soon.
4 more days and only 2 spots left on my tag for the month .

another gorgeous day in paradize1 if only the fish would have cooperated better. i did have a few bites but the skill level must have been down as none even hooked ! one of my fishing buddies went for jacks, quickly catching his limit along with two nice rainbows about two pounds each.
mzmann, how did you guys do? sorry i could not join you. thanks again to your partner for the nice present he bestowed upon me!
if you are coming out again let me know as i will be there every day for sure. same spot ! next year you will know where to find me any september morning .

landed and released Jack for me......Biggun caught and fought for 15-20min only to spit the hook on me about 2ft from shore and then a maybe 15/20 snapped me off on my last cast of the day....if I run into that guy again I will indeed thank him for ya.....just met him down there this morning as well, lol. He had another 20, a few hits and a jack and then one other at the same spot got a couple 2 unlanded ones came after noon as well.

ended up coming across a momma and 2 cubs rolling on the gravel on chase/falkland road....stopped the car and stood out the sunroof to grab a couple pics and she didn't like that so much as she charged me and the car twice almost taking a swipe at the car the second time, lol...that was my time to leave, haha.

good decision ! glad you had some fun.

quite a few bites for me today and 4 hooked.....1 broke the hook off.....had another spit the hook not far from shore and landed doe @ 15-20lbs and one buck @ 12-15lbs. Goodtimes for sure but alas with only a couple days left I think this was my last day for the S. Thompson.Still an great time out the last couple days though! Hoping now that I will be able to find time to head down to the vedder before heading back to work for another month.

Tight lines all!

nice guy. i invite you to my spot and you quit for the season after 2 days! glad you had a great day . too bad you can't get back though.
good luck in africa .
not only did mzmann have a god day fishing he also enjoyed another gorgeous day. a day in which i again went home without landing one. a couple of friends had 15 pound does as well and quite a few were lost. i guess i will have to try something new tommorrow to get my last couple of fish for september.

I think it may have even been on your roe that i picked up from ya last year, lol ;-p

Indeed it was an incredibly nice day out there again!.....i think i had my float about 18ft in that same spot i was when you left is where I had all my action......pretty much all within 20ft of shore as well.

Hope the fishin is good to all down there the last couple days of the opening.


one more day to go then depression will set in for sure. with the beautiful weather this has been a great month of fishing. and the fish are starting to cooperate. a 20 pound chrome doe found its way to my freezer. i also released a 10 pound buck that was not bad shape at all. i did not want to use my last spot on the licence !
there were quite a few fish landed as well . a pretty good day on the thompson .

sleeping in this morning seemed strange as i have been at my favourite spot every day for 3 weeks . the thompson river is definitely a great spot to spend the month of september ! the last morning was a wild one. it was actually quite crowded at my spot as 8 people shared the 200 yard beach area. when i left for home with my 20 pound doe to fill my tag, only one had not caught a fish, and that person was one of the best salmon fishermen i know. some days they just will not bite your hook !
a friend was out to try for his first salmon (mzmann, it was pete who you fished with the other day ). i got him all set up and within 15 minutes he hooked a big old buck about 20 pounds. half was through the handle of his old spinning reel broke off. he had to go up the shore to a wide spot then climb up the bank , all the while holding on tight so the fish did not get any more line. he managed to get the fish within 20 feet of shore after which 2 or us had to carefully pull it in the rest of the way by hand while a third fellow waded out to try to net it. that fish would not go into the net. the three of us were all tangled up as we pulled it to shore so the other 'line puller could tail it ! what a riot !!! i have never seen a harder fish to land ! quite an ending to a great season.
and that is my final report for the season ! a great time it was.

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