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I was wondering if i can buy fresh roe at the stevenson harbor and market. Anyone have any ideas where i can buy good roe? Im not really impressesd with the barrys bait or any of the fishing stores junk that is over priced. Any thoughts or ideas woyld be much appreated.

I dont think i have enough for whole the season.


Can't really say myself other than stating the obvious....the best roe out there......gotta get yourself a doe or 2 and then you're good to go! Then its just a question whether or not you have enough till you nab a doe! lol
Fish'n BC

Bruces Country Market in Maple Ridge (near the old albion ferry) was selling fresh spring roe at a pretty good price. You'd have to cure it yourself though.

I understand they sell the fish from the test fisheries, so you could also get some fresh spring and sockeye there.

Thanks for the info, ill phone the market tommarow morning. I didnt do well in the spring dept on the fraser with only one fished killed. Im prob only sitting on enough roe for about 4 outtings. Thanks again for the lead.

You could call the Canadian Fishing Company 604-681-0211 and ask if they'll sell you some. When I worked there 24 years ago it all went to west coast reduction, Except herring roe, it went to Japan. You could even go down to the plant and ask in person. It is at the water front down from Main and Hastings in Vancouver in a big red building. You really can't miss it.

Thanks ed ill give them a shout today.

Well i phone both Bruces market and the canadian fishing company. Bruces market said about a 2 to 3 week wait list and the canadian fishing company sells theirs for humans to eat. They said it was a small harvest for them.

Ih well keep on treking, im sure i can find 5 pounds somewhere.

What luck, bruces market got some just now. 5 bucks a pound. I think 5 pounds should do me fine.

Canadian Walmart, they have outrageous pricing. To give an example, oil filter at Canadian Walmart 6.00 Same oil filter at Bellinghams Walmart 3.17 I prefer to save a buck so wisely bought one in Bellingham and returned one to the Canadian Walmart, I emailed them a scan of the bill and an explanation as to why the refund. Yes I would prefer to shop locally, who wouldn't. It's come down to asking retailers to match USA pricing as our dollar is worth 2 cents more than theirs and pricing here should be competitive. I'll bet Kevin Falcon MLA hates me since I email him scans of our USA buying. Now I can afford a double double at Timmies. Have you tried tried the Fort Langley indians. They sell fish so might sell you some roe. Just cross over the bridge to where the ferry used to dock, Once across the bridge turn right at the first road. The first few houses on your left sell fish, or continue down that road till just past the school, They tie their boat and unload fish there.

I stay away from buying roe, 99% of it is farmed fish roe, which still works good, but nothing like catching your own fish and curing the roe yourself.

This way you can experiment with different methods. I've already got a bunch cured using peach jello, which is one of my favorite ways to do it.

This is the latest batch I'm doing, I just started this batch this morning after a couple nice outings of bar fishing the upper reaches with my sweety the last couple of days.

I butterfly cut the skeins with a sharp knife so I can get access to "ALL" the eggs properly with the "CURE"

The I make sure to get in between each and every flap of eggs with the cure I'm using {in this case I'm using Double Hot Red mixed with a secret ingredient}before I put in to a container for soaking. This is what it's looking like so far.

Many people use jars etc for the next step, but I like the Ice Cream Bucket, WHY ???, because I like ice cream so there are always a few pales kicking around, LOLLOL.

To the fridge it goes, I'll give it a swirl in about 2 hours then drain it, let it air dry for quite a while and it's ready to be used or stored.

BTW, I know there are many other ways to do this, this is just one way that I'm showing. I have several ways in which I like to do it as a lot of you probably do too.

what is your secret ingrediant?
i've added brown sugar when letting it dry. sometimes add borax to help it dry as well.
what do you tie your bags with bently? i use onion sack. i buy it at a garden /farm store for 10 cents a foot. it is much better than the mesh they sell. works like a damm and has a nice red colour , perfect for the double red hot !! just cut off 6 inches, cut it length wise, opening it into a flat piece and tie away. it is stretchy and easy to work with. works like a damm and protects the eggs quite well from the pikeminnows and white fish !

Come on Cagey, it wouldn't be a "secret" if i told you now would it.

By the way, red "micro small mesh" stripper stockings work great too, a good tip will get you some.

And they come pre-scented that way too eh Bently?!

trust chaka to think of that !
the moderator

i like the big mesh and i don't have to tip !
since you won't tell me your secret, i won't tell you mine (i'm trying to wine like some others do ).
how big was the provider of that roe ?

Wouldn't your nuts, I mean eggs, fall out of the big mesh ?

Anyways, the doe was 20 lbs


Scent is a good thing !!

After all, we are fishing bud !!

My point exactly...LOL.


So I finished with the draining and drying period and then decided that I have so much friggin roe that I'd better freeze this stuff and start using some older batches.

I use whats available to do this, in this case it was the portable BBQ grill and a paint roller tray. It's always a chore getting anything out of the wifes kitchen for this as she thinks, "your not using my good stuff for that crap" lollol

no bently, i do not have a problem with my nuts or my eggs falling out !
nice looking roe. did your sweetie catch it ? surely it wasn't you !

I then gave it a light dusting of Borax and then layed it in the tupperware with some of my other roe. If you do this, always put a good layer of newspaper in between the roe layers. When you need some just peel off what you need and put the rest back in the freezer.

Some people say that roe will only last for up to a year in the freezer, I say BS to this in the harshest way.

I've caught many a fish on roe out of my freezer that was a good 3 years old. As long as you don't use TOO MUCH BORAX, you'll be okay, the more you use the more it dries out and becomes useless.

Again, just my opinion but I've been doing this for a good 35 to 40 years and I've ALWAYS caught plenty of fish on the roe I do up. If you think it's still okay, try it, the worse thing that can happen is you don't catch a fish and have to get more. What a penalty that would be, LOLLOL

Good fishing to all you wankers !!




My sweety caught the fish providing the roe Cagey

Although I get my share too

With her permission I will post a picture of her and her fish but lately the trolls have had an eye for my photos so I will not until then. I have removed almost every photo I've ever posted with us or her in it for this very reason.

nice fish bently. and well done with this thread. a lot of people have no idea how to cure roe so i am sure this will help.

Thanks Cagey, I guess I should have started my own "How to" thread but roe was mentioned in the topic so I got carried away I guess, oops !!

I hope the Bonker didn't mind ?

I dont mind at all bro. Thanks for the picts and sharing some wisdom. I cure my roe the exact same. I didnt even think of taking picts and explaining, so its nice to see someone that did.

B: Thanks for the advice on the roe. I'll try for the first time this year. thanks gain.

bump.......another way to cure roe by Bently is contained in this thread.


who's that guy?....anyways that roe looks killer bently. gonna try that recipe next season.

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