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Hey everyone, i was just wondering how salmon fishing would be right about now from westham island launch around that area and out to the mouth down canoe pass, that type of area of the fraser, i have always wondered as it is close to my house and much more convenient than going down to point roberts for coho (which is quiete productive right now), i do not have a down rigger i would just be casting spinners spooons buzz bombs ect. i would really appreciate any input!

thank you


Heading out to Sandheads tomorrow.I'll let you know

Cool! Much appreciated. I have a small boat 12 feet with a 15HP and I hear sand heads turns bad quick. So not an option however I have fished the mouth of the canoe pass chanel of the Fraser where it meets the ocean I assume fishing would be similar at both places right no anyway. So let me know. Thanks.a lot

Hit and miss really, catch some one day and not a sniff the other, look at the tides, and then give it a go.

Had the lines in the water for about 11am.We trolled from the light ship to the T-10 with only 2 flounders to speak of.Headed over to Ambelside and tried there.Good numbers of jumpers in front of the pink apartment but saw only one caught for about 20 boats.Forgot the sunscreen.I have racoon eyes.That is my disapointing report. ps.Enviro Can said 10-15 knots.Barely a breeze out there

I here ya, take the Canadian weather forecasts with a grain of salt. I just got home from the Roberts Bank side and coal ports. Tons of seals everywhere you looked. It was like a mirror out there. My knee caps got fried but good boy, even with 30 block on.

I had some good results in the crab pots and surprisingly managed two coho, but I shook them off at the rail. I'll wait a month for my coho as I'm in the midst of a major freezer overhaul at my place.

I will keep a chinnook if I get one tomorrow only because it will be split amongst our family plus the outer family.

Tons of fish on the sounder out there though and massive bait balls too but the seals were just too much today.

Tomorrow is another day and I'll be out there again unless the forecast actually comes true and we have 15 to 20.

how far out between the ferry terminal and the coal ports do you got to go to get into some salmon? i dont know how safe id be in a small boat out there but i want to try. I usually go to the point i got 2 coho and some sea run cutties yesterday (released sea run)

I was right beside the outside ship that was being loaded with coal, there was about 10 boats there in total.

It's not very far a run to get back to the boat launch at Twsassen, maybe 5 minutes in my 12 footer and 9.9.

Make sure you have all the required safety gear and go, don't fret it too much, you've probably been in far worse situations while on a lake, believe it or not.

so on the left side of the coal ports? what technique were you using, did you use a down rigger?

thanks for the help

The picture {two post up, the red ship} above makes that ship look a long ways away but it's not, I was beside it in less than 5 minutes of trolling.

The boats were trolling all around there. i was trolling using two rods , both on downriggers.

Gear used were flashers and hoochies, plugs, ace hi flies, anchovy in glow teaser heads, basically the norm for out there most of the time. Oh ya I also yanked a couple spoons around for a while too.

Here,'s just some random pics I took while I was out, basically useless for any info though.



awsome thanks! any luck with the springs yet?

what depth did you use on your rigger? i do not have a depth finder at the moment

No chinnook yesterday as I said above but as far as the other times I've been out I've done very well, bringing seven fish home so far.

Depth varies,from 30 ft to 120 ft. I like to run a shallow line in the 30 to 40 foot range because IMO that's where the bigger {tyee class} ones travel, while the smaller feeders tend to be deeper. This is what has brought me success in the past as well as with many of my friends that I consider very familiar with this fishery.

Coal port fishing isn't my favorite spot either, I just go there sometimes to change it up a bit.

Thanks for the info and pics Bentley. I just need to get myself an outboard. I have a good 12' inflatable and I will be out there soon. Probably next year. I guess this is the best time of year to be out there. Before the rains...and they are staging in that area...

One question: do you have to be careful not to cross the USA border???? I was looking at the map and the border is really close.

You only have to be careful if you go to the left of the ferry terminal if you go toward the ports you are fine, point roberts can be great fishing though if you pick up an american liscence lighthouse park- lily point just casting spinners ect produces well

Fishing forum > fishing the lower fraser river!


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