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RCMP, non-emergency #? They can enforce all the laws any other "authority" can. And they're the biggest gang in Canada.

I have all kinds of other suggestions, but that is the only one I am publishing to the interwebs...

They are breaking the rules that are in the fresh water synopsis so it still falls under this category

see the post which i bumped up. the answer is to call the police as they are the only ones who can do something from what i gather.
if there are any workers around advise them and demand they do something. if they won't report them to the guy i contacted on the other thread. anyway, read my post about speaking to the camp guy.

It says no motors in the fishing regs under Rolley Lake so actually their doing more polluting than poaching {not that it makes a difference}, this is why I would call the R.A.P.P line. Tell them to get off the butts and get out there , that it's happening every F-ing day and it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt. make it sound like you mean business, it helps believe it or not when calling that line.

I called the RAPP line and it's always busy. Not much of a 24 hour service if they never answer.

Hmmm?? Every time I've had to call I got through no problem

What have you guys got outstanding warrants or something? Once again, call the R C M fookin P! Then call all these other little fluffy agencies that collect statistics. Call forestry or whoever controls the campground. Get them all on a conference call. The only agency that can not claim "hands tied" is the RCMP. Do it or quit yer bitching...

As Chaka stated....CALL THE RCMP OR QUIT YER BITCHIN....yes DFO and such is im sure incredibly busy and vastly understaffed for the most part so its understandable when they are not able to make it out each and every time someone calls something in...just not going to happen no matter how hard they try or how many people bitch and complain about it. As the RCMP can enforce other laws/regulations from gov't authorities as they see fit then the next best bet would indeed be to call them....even if they just came out and warned someone then at least it would stop them at least for that day........kinda surprised about DFO just taking the plates and not getting back to you or anything.....usually if they get the plates they would ask if you would be willing to come to court on it if needed...if so then they will go ahead and charge them with a violation even without coming out...only as long as the caller is willing to state what he saw in court though as otherwise its not worth it for them as if no one is going to stand up in court to say what they saw then its pretty hard for them to make it if they did indeed take the plates and you did agree to come to court if needed and they still didn't get back to you then it most likely would be because after they tracked the plates/found the violator/questioned him and such he probably admitted it and took his lumps.

The reason I know this as a number of years back I mistakenly listened to a fishing partner in regards to size limits for trout from a certain river in Alberta.....only to have fish n game show up at my buddy's house (we drove in his car)2+ weeks later questioning him and wanting to look in his freezer...long story short...someone called his plates in as we has 5fish over the 50cm limit (3 still in the freezer, lol) n game came and told him someone had done this and was willing to appear in court on buddy admitted our faults and we took our lumps of 170$/fish x 3fish still in freezer which I promptly helped him out with paying and never again have I taken the word of someone else even if it was a on a side note.....check the regs YOURSELF ALWAYS!! lol.

Unless one is willing to go all the way with a complaint then why stress over it or waste precious fishing time....if you see something illegal and wish/choose to do something about it then be prepared to take the steps sometimes necessary....which sometimes includes just calling the rcmp and standing up in court if need be....otherwise you are just wasting theirs and your own time.

No luck with DFO/Forestry/Park Attendants, etc...and you still wish to do something about it/stop the RCMP.....way too many people that bitch and complain about violations yet do not wish to take the proper actions to actually stop them.

End of Story.

like i found on the other post. the rcmp can charge them.
but also there are camp rangers on duty. tell them. get their name. if nothing is done write the guy in the other thread and see what happens. as chaka and mzmann said, do it or quit complaining. and like bently said , demand action !
Ron M

I say we form a posse and take let these guys know the rules, in a polite yet firm manner. If that doesn't work....maybe we drop the polite part.

Fishing forum > what can I do ?


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