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Big Dan

Good evening all...
Whats the most recent news on Callaghan Lake near Whistler?
I did read some articles that dates back from 2009 on this site but that was it.
I'm told that the road leading to the lake area is paved since the Olympics is that accurate? I don't own a 4x4.I guess after making it to Weaver Lake last week I can concur
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Big Dan

If you go Dan could you take some pics of the lake and campsite, I've been meaning to make a trip up there, not so much for the fishing but to do some photography and some scouting for hunting areas.


Big Dan

Will do!
I hope someone has info on this place.....
Big Dan

Fish'n BC

Did you try Googling it? (I mean for road conditions and such)
Big Dan

Did a Google and it said rough roads...
So I called DOT Answer....Unless you have a 4x4 and high off the ground you wont make it up there.
So.....Need another nice fishing spot to launch the inflatable

A little disappointing.

Dan, take a trip to Blackwater Lake. Very easy to launch a boat there and tons of fish, some bigger ones down deep on the far side too. I took my family there a few years ago and in the 3 days we spent there I'd say we were into at least 50 fish, some only 12" but many in the 14 to 18" range as well. The camping is rustic, there are a few picnic tables and I think two outhouses. It's easy to find and the road is very accommodating for all vehicles and RV's.

One thing about this lake is that the fish are always jumping, they tend to flare their gills and rid the parasites. I have eaten fish from this lake and they were very yummy, so don't worry on that aspect.

The water is very dark and just looks "fishy" which I found very appealing. The view is outstanding too, once you row out from the dock, look up and there you have mountains peaks and actual side hills that you can see wild game on, it's beautiful.

I think the lake is only about 25 hectares in size so it's very easy to fish the "ENTIRE" lake and the fish are all over too. It's on the way to Birkinhead Lake, about a 4 to 5 hour drive with my 4x4 and travel trailer from Surrey.
Big Dan

Thanks my friend...I will look in to this for sure.
Thanks so much

just did some research....Very interesting indeed.

Your boat set up is perfect for this lake. Tell us how it went when you get back.

Put it this way, turn off the fish alarm, unless you want to here it beeping all friggin day. :]:]:]
Big Dan

LMAO !!!
Big Dan


I will add to the bump. Was there twice this past summer. once in july then the end of august. I caught 3 nice fish in july just casting from shore and on some power bait. no luck with worms which was strange.

the second time we were there I brought my inflatable boat and electric motor. my wife caught her first trout.

we had luck close to the creek entrance at the other end of the lake. just trolling some small spinners as well as casting off the boat.

the views are spectacular, but the camping is basically setting up shop in a parking lot. theres a few steel fire rings/grates. but otherwise very open. met some nice people there though, and wasn't a very 'party' place.

bugs were insane though, especially in august. probably won't go back.

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