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There are many ways to make a bar fishing rod holder, this is just one of the ways in which to do so.

I had an old bed frame kicking around my garage that was never going to get used on I said.

I cut it at 4 feet, then zip cut one end on angles for easier ground penetration. Doing it this way lets you leave the hammer at home.

Next I had a couple of old scotty rod holders that I cut so that just the round part was left. Lots of people just use PVC pipe etc etc. Doesn't matter, just as long as it's strong enough and it will fit your rods butt stock in it.

Then I just duct taped the shyt right out of it, followed by a large hose clamp. It aint going nowhere. lollol.

I was lucky enough to see that after I did this there was a hole near the bottom on each one I made {from where I zip cut the frame bolts} so I just threw in a long bolt with a nut and lock washer on each side so I can put my foot on it for a little more guidance when penetrating the ground. This isn't necessary as pushing down while rotating it makes it sink pretty easy on it's own.

Here are a few pictures.


The crap you see on the top part is just a piece of hard plastic from cutting, it's gone now.


Like I said, there are many ways to make these, you can weld them, use rebar or steel pipe, whatever, so be creative and save yourself some cash, cause the price the stores want could buy you some good gear instead and imo nothing is as good as "HOME MADE".

Or a box of beer, lol.

Lets see some pics of your handyman rod holders !!

Great set up; however, how much line do you need to be bar fishing from your front yard?
And how many people walking buy said, "catch anything yet?"


I've got it set up so I get the spawners coming up the culvert out by the boulevard dummy, jeesh !!

I should have known.

I think you are set up to catch these:

Tight lines!

Always on guard Old grey One. I'm watching the rod from my bay window as we speak, lollol

No bell rings yet though. :[

Oh shyt, I forgot the bell, I'll be right back, dam it.

Ok here is my ghetto rod holder. All for 13.00 Start with a 1 1/2 ABS angled T connector, A 1 1/2 ABS dishwasher adapter and a 3 foot x1/2 inch length of ready rod. The ready rod is threaded into the dishwasher connector(snip the end off to create a hole), backfilled with epoxy to reinforce and fasten permanently. The 1 1/2 inch ABS angled T is just pressed into place, I would recommend gluing it also for larger rods.

dishwasher connector

1/2 inch x 3 foot ready rod

rod installed and glued


Here is the finished product, The Ghettofisher 2000

that's friggin' sweet.
good job.

Thanks Gearbox!

yes, very well done !
the moderator

Strong work !!! Perfect angle

bently you started a great thread. now i have found a great rod holder even i can make .
and a special thanks to the creator of this masterpiece!
great work gomi!

Ya, I must say, that looks pretty dam good. Well done !!

man im a plumber and got all those parts why did i ever buy one ? im sure hald inch ready rod is what you want to use 3/8 ths is going to bend easy

Thanks everyone. Coto you could make it for 5.00 I am guessing

Why do you say that, I can weld just fine and a trained ape can use a grinder or a zip disc. I made them the way i wanted too. No welding, and no bought parts, everything was just clutter around the shop {with the exception of the duct tape and hose clamps} that I put to good use, how much better can you get ?

I'll stick with mine, only because it didn't cost me a dime, and the other one costs $13.00. But both are works of art, lollol

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