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Author Topic: Spinning rod on mooching/center pin rod?

I'm into bobber fishing for a variety of fish (trout, bass, salmon, panfish, etc); mostly in lakes, but also occasionally in rivers.

I hear that 8-11 ft mooching or center pin rods are actually ideal for the type of fishing I do (moderate to slow action and long rods help with casting and hookset).

I have only a couple of concerns:

* Will it look ridiculous to have a spinning reel on a mooching or center pin rod? More importantly, will there be negatives aspects to this approach?

* Mooching/Center pin rods tend to have insanely short butts (e.g., 5 inches or less). Wouldn't this affect my ability to cast and fight fish? Am I supposed to hold the rod above the reel instead of grabbing the rod through the reel base between my ring and middle finger?

Thank you in advance.
Fish'n BC

My moocher has a 9" butt end, but right or wrong: I hold it above the reel for better balance. I don't know that much about centre pinning yet, lol.

I think it is more about function than looks in regards to the spinning reel, the first eye on spinning rods are much larger and/or further away from the reel.

The cheapest and most effective way to do trout and salmon Bobber/drift fishing would be to buy two setups. You can pick up a decent 6ft spin combo for fish under 6lbs almost anywhere for around $50.

To fish the Fraser and Vedder for salmon pick up a Fenwick Canadian methods or Shimano Convergence for around $80 in 10'6 10-20lbs. Pair it with a Abu Garcia C3 or C4 around $130 and you fishing!

Centerpining can be more expensive, especially the reel. Islander Steelheader is approximately $380 and is one of the more popular reels in our rivers.

Levelwinds vs pins have many advantages and disadvantages. One example would be a level wind has up to a 6:1 gear ratio where a pin is 1:1. I can always make many more cast when fishing beside a centerpining angler. But the single action style of them allow ultimate control when casting, drifting and playing a fish.

A spinning reel normally needs a large first guide ring to allow the line to come cleanly off the reel. If the guide is not large enough you will likely get a birds nest, at best your cast will be compromised.

I knew there was a reason why this was a bad idea. Thank you for clarifying the issue. I guess I'll get a light salmon spinning rod instead.

"A spinning reel normally needs a large first guide ring to allow the line to come cleanly off the reel."

Not necessarily true,

I used to fish a certain lake on the northern part of Vancouver Island for cutthroat.

The fish were hugging the bottom of this one bay and I was young at the time and bottom fishing was my "GIG" back then.

I used to put my spinning reel on my 10Ft fly rod {an old eagle claw, still have it} with a sliding teardrop weight and a #4 hook with half a dew worm. I could bomb that baby out there a good 150ft no problem. It was cool because where the fish were, it was super deep, like 70 to 80 ft or something like that. It would take a longtime for it to get down there but then when it hit i would just click the bale and start reeling ever so slowly then stop for a few seconds, then reel a little and so on and so on. The fish would take that worm in one gulp and the fly rod would literally bend right into the water in one shot {sliding weight helps this} and it was awesome, specially being a little shyt like I was. Pretty cool coming in and showing your old man 4 to 5 lb cutties everyday when he couldn't catch shyt with the pots and pans with mom. LOLLLOL

I guess he said normally, not always, sorry about that, good story anyway.

How can I tell which one is the best product among those mentioned on the list here?

Fishing forum > Spinning rod on mooching/center pin rod?


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