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I kinda wanna try my luck off the beach to get a break of the Fraser. I hear fish are staging in front of the "pink palace" that are waiting for water levels to head up the Cap'. Anyone know much about beach fishing? Is around the Cap' mouth the only place to beach fish or are there chances fishing any shoreline in the area? I haven't caught a Salmon yet this year and would love to try my luck beach fishing
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When I'm fishing with the boat there I see people coho fishing from shore all along the West Vancouver shore line. Kelp beds and small bays seem to be good spots, seen some taken just west of the Ambleside pier (towards the pink apartment buildings). There is a bit of a beach head on the west side of the cap mouth you can use and during low slack you can wade out to the bars in the mouth, but stay away from the east side or the natives may get upset lol.
Spoons and spinners or flyfishing all seem to produce. (make sure you rinse your gear off afterwards)

I wouldn't mind doing some beach fishing there myself instead of hauling the boat out there all the time. I think I read somewhere about good beach coho fishing out Twsn way somewhere that might be closer for you. I'll get back to you if I can find the write up.

Awesome info! I may have to try... I was looking on google maps and wanted to try that long arm to the east mouth of the Cap. Is it legal for me to fish there or are you just giving me fair warning that the Natives might harass me for fishing there. I should just win the lottery and buy a boat :P. Hmm yeah I wonder about the Fraser mouth too. But I was thinking if the Cap has fish mostly because they can't enter due to low water then wouldn't the Fraser mouth have less salmon because they can enter at all times

I don't mind going to North Van really.. I am in New West so the skytrain gets me pretty close. I want to catch at least one Salmon dangit! haha
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lol that long arm is on native land. I think the west side is native too, but they let people use it. There is a rock pier near (east of) the wood pier at Ambleside I've seen people casting from, might be a good place to try as it's close to the Cap mouth (might get a spring there too).

In the fall it is realy easy to catch coho and chum in the fraser, but that's over a month away.

There's a spot near the mouth of the fraser I think coho like to feed other times as well, just don't remember the details as I haven't tried it. I might be able to find the info.

Also, early morning and low tide is the best times to coho fish on the beaches: even better if they occure at the same time.

i think you got your spots mixxed up here. the pink palace is in white rock, there would be coho staging there rightnow. best bet to go after those fish from shore is to walk out on the beach at low tide and cast buzz bombs. thats the little camble river mouth in white rock.
the cap tends to normaly be an early run and is best fished in may and early june.
if your going to go fish the little camble mouth you can park behind the washington avenue grill and walk east down the train tracks, you'll see the bridge walk out on the beach there and fish. dont even waist your time trying to fish in the river its such a small river the fish only come up after 4 or 5 days of good rain, normaly around end of september early october is when they enter the river. if your going to be in that area the mouth of the serpentine can be good for coho some times but its spotty there too.
hope i helped you out htere
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I found that "article". Type in "Tsawwassen Beach" in the forum search option, it's a couple good postings by Louis Vuitton.

The Cap has two coho runs, spring-early summer and late summer-fall.

Hmm I am reading on another forum that people are catching juvenile coho and sea run cutties on the beach. They won't tell me the spot or even areas to try. They only say they aren't near the cap mouth. God some people piss me off being so secretive. I mean I get keeping your spot secret, but there is alot of ocean out there n I have no idea where to start lol. This site is way more friendly then the majority of other fishing forums sheesh. The person posted a picture and the water looked pretty crystal clear. I don't think it was near white rock cuz from what I remember the water there is a bit muddy

glad you find this site more friendly. that is our goal. to be a friendly, helpful place to visit and talk fishing.
if you have not already read the posts by louis v. which chris s referred to you should. actually there was a post about 8 months ago and another about 2 years ago if my memory serves me correctly.louis has fished the beaches a lot incl at pt roberts. check out his posts.
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To aaronwilde

Try fishing right underneath the Lions Gate Bridge on the North side. There's a bunch of fish just holding there, coho, chinnook, and cutties. You'll find the cutties not too far from a river {wink, wink, nudge nudge}. The fish can be seen jumping and rolling in large schools there and can be quite stubborn but you'll still get the odd one to take a fly or spinner. Soon as it rains half assed they'll be gone up the crick but more will follow.

I'm not saying this is "the spot" that their referring to but it's still a place to fish and when you see "lots" of fish, nothing is too boring, even if your not slaying them.

Go over the bridge and take a right and then another right on Lower Capilano RD. Go down to Welch St, take a right and then left all the way down on Bridge St. Go over the tracks and you'll see the rough gravel rd to the beach {you'll be under the bridge now}, there is parking down there for quite a few cars.

DO NOT go too far right to fish when you are down there, there's a big pole you can see sticking up, this is basically the rez boundary and that's where the First nation will be fishing, sometimes you can see the smoke house they have set up out there on the point. Usually a couple young ones out there too, with the Capilano Fly {if ya get my drift. LOLLOL

Good Luck

Bump for aaronwilde in case he missed the post above.

Oh thanks for the bump didn't see it actually. I will try there that is awesome to know. I caught a huge Peamouth chub on the Fraser in New West the other day. Considered taking it home to eat but didn't. They can't be THAT bad. It's a white flesh bottum feeding fish resembling a trout so I don't see why not. But def guuna hit up the ocean thanks bro :D
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Not so long ago I made a post about watching a group of people barfishing at the mission bridge bar and catching mostly peamouth chub and some small sturgeon on worms. They were retaining the chub to take home and eat, so some people obviously do.
If you have the courage to try it, let us know what you think of it.

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