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salmon assasin

I am going to the trout farm over spring break and am hopping to catch my first fish on the fly.What flies would work best? How do you fish them? Sinking or floating line?
Any help would be greatly appriciated.

where is this trout farm? ive been looking for it for a while

Nice Trout farm at the end of 16th avenue out in the abbotsford area. Go to the end of 16th Avenue and make a left on Bradner Road. Ttrout farm just down the hill.
Owners name is Dan. Tell him Ross sent you.

Made a mistake make a Right on Bradner. Never could keep my left and right straight.

i believe they give you a bamboo stick with line tied to the end and a piece of power bait dough on a treble hook (no fly fishing)
hawg hunter

Is this the one off of Ross Road. Mt. Lehman exit, keep right, first right then left on Ross. Schmidts Trout Farm. I may be just way out to lunch though and you may be speaking of a different one. At Schmidts, they have two seperate ponds. I brought my kids there and we were allowed to use a fly rod. Pretty cool for my daughter, to hook a fish on the fly. Memory serves me correct the leach pattern was her killer fly. Only down side is you have to keep everything you hook and no barbless hooks. Was cool for her but expensive for me.
salmon assasin

NO actually this is a trout farm in mission I think its called sunvalley trout farm. they have quite a few ponds. one is for bobers and worms the other is just there and one is a flyfishing only pond the flyfishing only pond the one i wanna go to is catch and release fly rod only any help would be appriciated.
The Yak

If you are going to go to a trout farm i would use a dry fly. its the most fun way to catch fish on the fly because you can see the take..
Even better try tying something yourself before you go... if you've tied your own it's even better knowing that something you created yourself actually fooled a fish into biting!! get the kids into it too...

cool stuff for sure..
The Yak

let us know how you do Salmon Assasin
salmon assasin

dont worry I wont forget.
salmon assasin

got 30 rainbows 11-13 inches today at trout farm on a doc spratly on a dry line.
fly fishing just keeps getting better and better

congrats man. i hope i can get that luck when i try chucking flies

how does a trout farm work , do you have to pay for them once you catch them ?? also the catch and release pond for fly fishing how big is it, and do you have to pay to fish there ?? is it busy there also ?? any info would be great thank you

so you can just go ther, catch a bunch of fish (flyfishing),release all of them? what are there hours?

sounds fun

Something for our kids ... this is a trout farm in Abbotsford area. Sign said no C&R, but I didn't speak to the owner regarding this topic.
salmon assasin

basically there are three ponds too of witch are fly fishing only, catch and release and are anywere from 3-12 pounds and the other pond the biggest of the three you can do any type of fishing you want and the trout are very small and your allowed three.the rates are 15.00$ all day and you can keep three fish from the main pond.the other option is 20.00$ for three hours catch and realese, flyfishing only but if you decice to go to the main pond and you wanna keep a fish it is 4.00$ per fish. I had alot of fun. dont bother paying the 20.00$ though the big ones dont bite.
use a doc spratley on flotting line.
anyone got any info on how I can catch a steelie on fly? if you do and you wanna keep it secret e-mail me at

so if you pay $15 you can atch and release fly fish in one pond, and keep 3 in the main pond?
salmon assasin

well no if you pay fifteen dollars you can only fish and keep fish in the main pond. and one you get three you half to stopp fishing.

o ok

srry if i didnt explain it well tyhe first time

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