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has anyone been out for springs? how has it been? i'm going to be starting my season on saturday. first i have to get my moose put to bed. or rather packed into the freezer. it was awful hot hunting weather but successful so.....on to salmon!!! !

See my report down on the page a ways Cagey....Not avail Saturday but will probably be looking at heading out sometime during the week next week....thinking it was still a bit early yet when I was there and few springs around......obviously the moose hunting went well...good to hear!!....cow/bull/immature?

it was a 3 yr old bull. my partner's was a 2 yr old so it will be great eating meat this winter !
i will be at the slide hole monday by 4:30 am. maybe see you there.
i just read your report. great story .

chaka. we will have to get together some time soon. i'll check out the situation and will be in touch .

Sounds good. Glad you got your moose.

will probably see you there then Cagey, depending on how long you are around there as I have to drop the missus at work first at 6 so I will be unable to make it until about 7 ........half thinking of setting up camp somewhere for a couple days but dont really want to stay in a campground and near the holes/access spots is all closed off to camping....may do the creek campground for a couple days I guess as there is a couple decent looking fishing spots there as well that I seen but not going to decide on that yet until I see a few more fish in the river.

oh....and if Chaka is interested/available then maybe the 3 of us should head out one day

i should still be there unless i am limited out for the day by then.
it should be picking up now. usually the last week of august is good. last year the fishing started earlier because the lumby fish were just late getting up !
if i get out on the weekend i will let you know. i will not be home until tommorrow night so friday is unpacking and cleaning up the equipment. (i knew i should have washed the blood off the quad the other day damm it !!). i also want to try little shuswap lk. i fished it once last year and had a blast but that was mid september. anyway, will keep in touch with you guys. if chaka can get himself out of bed some morning to try the shuswap r i will be there but otherwise the thompson river will probably work better for him.

Wow upon googling Shushwop out of curiousity I am astonished at how far salmon go inland. There are actual salmon runs there? Shushwop by Kamloops right? Do salmon go up virtually every river connected to the Fraser?

Sockeye go all the way to Stuart Lake.......a very long haul.

Sounds good Cagey....@ Aaronwilde....not sure about EVERY river connected but for the most part yes.....have actually seen em almost all the way to revelstoke.....Big run of Sockeye go to the Adams River and we are lucky enough to see a good chinook run both in the Shuswap and South Thompson rivers right near by.....Shuswap river however is not by Kamloops really but in Enderby on one side and Lumby on the other with Mable lake in the middle...sure can't complain having salmon fishing still this far inland....just sucks having to wait so long....or face the drive to fish em other times of the year, lol
Fish'n BC

I'd almost feel bad taking a salmon that has worked so hard to get so far to complete their life cycle, but guess that still wouldn't stop me if I lived up there.

ChrisS, you do realize they travel during other parts of their life too right? Right now I am picturing this lazy-ass salmon chillin' in his Lazy-Boy at the mouth of the Fraser watching TV...

I sorta hear what you are saying though. It is good to respect nature and respect an animal you are taking for food.

cagey and mzmann, I would love to take a morning off and meet you guys for some river fishing. I will see when I can squeeze this in, lots on the go at the moment.
Fish'n BC

LOL yes Chaka. But chasing bait fish around the ocean -and- struggling through the current and rapids on a quest up a river; just doesn't seem quite the same to me.
Sorta gives me more respect for the ones that make it that far, since most don't.

Think I will be hitting the river first thing Sat morn after all.....going to TRY for 430-500am but its an hours drive so we see how that goes, lol

hope to see you there saturday. i just got home tonight. my freezer is full but i am worn out !
chris, by fishing for those poor salmon, which i very much respect, you hook numerous salmon which you either release or loose. correct?when giving mr grey1 a rough time , for no good reason i must add, you said that a large percentage of those fish die. if so you are killing those poor fish before they have the opportunity to reach there spawning grounds. based on how much you talk about catching so many fish i guarantee you kill far more of those poor salmon before they make their way to their spawning grounds than i do by enjoying a legal fishery. and by the way, we do not use long leaders to snag the fish. these fish bite lures and baits. the more i think about it you are proving to be a huge hypocrit. bragging how you fish the tidal water$20 or whatever for a salmon tag and sturgeon tag and complaing what others do. my humble opinion !
Fish'n BC

Hey cagey I think you misread my intentions I wasn't complaining about anyone fishing for salmon up there, in fact I said I would also if I lived up there.

If you are refering to some stats I posted about sockeye C&R mortility: that was general info, not aimed at anyone. If you are refering to something else, I'm not sure what.

I've jumped in to defend Mr.Grey1 a number of times when he (and also a fishing buddy once) was being unfairly attacked/questioned, as I have also done for others. I have nothing against him.

If you are thinking I'm flossing, I've said before I've never flossed, but haven't anything against anyone who is.

There are no tidal sturgeon tags, but I have both tidal and non tidal licences and salmon tags as I fish both.

I don't really understand what you are saying, I don't recall complaining about what others are doing...EVER!
(bucket brigade excluded lol)

I didn't intend any hard feelings, I'm sorrey if I caused any. If you have any other concerns: please feel free to ask so I can clarify them.

you seemed to be feeling too sorry for our fish up here. at least when we catch them we know a good number made it to the spawning grounds.
as for my other comments, the threads are all mixed up so i cannot find out what i was talking about. you took a run at mr grey1 for c+r'ing 6 sockeye. bently and mr grey1 took offence to what you said. as i said, i thought yout comments to mr grey1 were out of line. yes, you have defended him in the past but recently you have gone out of your way to take shots at you. i recall him telling you "piss off, you do not fish with me so do not tell others what i do" or something to that effect at least twice.
i also recall a thread where you bragged you did not buy salmon or sturgeon tags for the upper riber. i believe the moderator even said something about you sending the wrong message.
i generally respect the great amount of information you have provided to this website over the last year or however long you have frequented this site but sometimes you should watch what you say.
i could have misread some of the things you said. if i did i apologize. my excuse was i read 100's of posts when i got back to computorland after my moose hunt.
regardless, lets get on with talking fishing and forget this discussion.
Fish'n BC

Ok thanks for bringing those misunderstandings up, so I can clarify them.

-Salmon tags was incorrect, I always buy both tidal and non tidal salmon tags and have never suggested otherwise.

-I indicated I don't buy Sturgeon tags because there aren't any for the tidal waters where I legaly fish for them.

-I wasn't (or at least didn't intend to) give MrGrey a hard time about catching 6 sockeye. Mr Grey and Bently misunderstood what I was trying to say, and admittedly my choice of wording was poor/unclear.
I was using that example of a legitimate fishing method to support a (rather foolish) debate where I suggested using an equaly non selective method for bull trout/steelhead; that's what the moderator was refering to as sending the wrong message.
The one other past incident you mentioned was also a misunderstanding and totaly innocent.

-My thoughts and feelings on the migrating salmon were just that; thoughts and feelings, not an argument of any kind.

Hope that clears up everything!

Only little girls and cranky old men hold grudges. I am pretty sure all this stuff is in our collective rearview mirrors. I for one am glad to see more posts (and especially of a positive nature), keep up the good work everyone. And keep the updates coming, I haven't made it out for nearly a month and at least I can fish vicariously that way...

X2 Chaka!......and geeze if you haven't been out in over a month then make some time and get on out!! lol.......mind you I cant really talk much as I am faced with at least a month off of fishing everytime I HEAD BACK TO WORK ...(oops srry, had a beefeater moment there with the caps, lol)..ppl that frequent the forum will understand that last part, lol....not to mention the times when I am home but just too busy to get out.

Anyways....looks like Cagey and I should be out there tomorrow morn so will maybe see ya there if you are able to get out.


will be there ! a buddy emailed me to say he had been out recently to the slidehole and nothing was caught. they should be showing up strong any time.

goodstuff will see you there then.....kinda surprised not much has been caught river wise yet really as mable lake has been pretty hot for them apparently

the fish in mable are probably the early run to lumby. the main run is due now so should show any day

Wish I could make it, but I have a family obligation all day and 3 dogs that I am taking care of solo this weekend. Soon, I hope...

sounds like you will not miss much. my buddy just emailed me saying it is really slow still. maybe tommorrow they will show up !

Heres to hoping!!!...not near as much fun getting up at 3am when the fishin isn't on, lol!

my first day salmon fishing for the season was a success as i caught a nice silver 12 lb doe first thing this morning. fishing was very slow despite my luck as the natives have been holding a fishery downstream for a week. it finally ends tommorrow i am told.
mzmann, did you or anyone have any luck after i left?
see you monday, unless i hit it good on the s.thompson tommorrow.

Nice job. Now I need to get out and see if I can get one.

any time chaka. i will be fishing pretty well e very day until sept 22nd so........let me know when THE DAY is.

Well my luck was not as good as Cagey's as the only spring I had on ended up breaking me off after maybe 3-5minutes of a great fight (my own fault as it broke where I had spliced my line together recently) and I ended up then watching my float go back under water aways and then go upstream at a good pace for a few hundred yards where I lost sight of it finally, lol!...oh well win some lose some I guess. Other than that it was a couple small bows and a few squawfish....yes hope to be back out monday again for some more punishment, lol!......there was only one other 8-10lbs or so that was caught while I was there and I left around 1....damn nets, lol

you had some fun anyway. likely see you monday.

indeed ....just trying to find a sitter for the little one....might have to wake her up early and bring her along but trying not to as she gets pretty bored as I don't really let her near the water at slide/corner so we see....trying to convince the missus that we should head out there today even and her/the little one and the dogs can play on the little beach down around the corner a ways...not havin much luck yet though, lol

good luck with that one !
i tossed some roe in the s.thompson at chase today. totally dead. i'll definitely be right where i was on saturday well before legal fishing time tommorrow. my little girl can look after herself. oh yeh, she's 60 not 6 !
catch you tommorrow.
chaka, you should give it a try one day . you can easily be back in vernon by 8:30 am. the other option is an evening, fishing until dark. let me know what works . as i said before, i have 2 rods set up so you are ready to go !

Well it doesn't look like I will make it tomorrow morn so I am instead headin out now for the afternoon/evening lol....Chaka I as well have an extra setup and live out on westside rd if you were interested in one night during the week after 4ish when my missus gets home...cheaper on gas lol....will report again later tonight

Hey Mr Mann if you get skunked again i will take you fishing catching rainbows every cast up to 6lb.....Would be nice to teach you canadians how its done again haha .....

well no love again for me today but again after awhile of not even a sniff really I switched my small rod with a splitshot/fly/egg and hammered some whiteys for the 6hrs there I only seen 2 springs splash and didnt see any swimming by....still reaallyyy slowwww.......going to wait a couple days I think now......PAGEY!...lost your email bud!.....yes im in!! lol......nights are better for me as I have the little one while the missus is workin but heck I could even drop the missus at work one morn and come out with the little sure she would have a blast catchin actual keepers, lol!....shoot me an email or give me a call when you are thinkin of headin out again!!

dead again this morning. where are the fish?

kinda has me wondering just how many were taken at cooke creek...any idea how long the net was there?...I mean if they just happened to set as the main run was coming through that could really suck...maybe with any luck there will be a few more coming up/holding in a few days yet. I think in addition to the nets, the weekend and even today fishing could also have been affected by the mass amounts of rafters/tubers, etc over the weekend. Going to wait another day or 2 myself....too much on gas not bringin any Salmon home, lol.

I appreciate all the offers guys. I would love to join you guys for some fishing. But first I must get caught up on some work. Blah!

Heading out to fish the river right now. Starting around kingfisher and will slowly make our way to enderby. Hopefully we will get some springs and I can report something positive.

Any fresh updates guys?

totally dead this am. not worth even trying for a couple of days at least me thinks !
my buddy was out on little shuswap lk last night and got nothing although he saw fish jumping at least .

Haven't made it out yet since last report....sounds like its a good thing, lol....Thanks for the update Cagey....might try on the weekend or just wait until next week when the little ones back in School.

1 spring taken near Kingfisher at 7:45pm on Tuesday night on a drift setup with roe. Im heading out to fish Mable around Kingfisher at 5:30am tomorrow to see what that has in store for us.

tried the s. thompson at chase this am. got a nice 16 lb doe. put up a great fight. will try again tommorrow unless i get ambitious and hit the shuswap. monday will see me out on little shuswap lk.

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