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Author Topic: "Boat Porn", let's see what yopur fishing out of

So lets see some of the members fishing set ups,

We wanna see what ever you have that you use to get out on the water.

Here's my latest restoration project. The boat was in really bad shape when I got it from an elderly guy who just can't do the boat thing anymore.

After a paint job and some accessories we took it out for a trial run on Chilliwack Lake, performed flawlessly. Was nice to see schools of sockeye in the crystal clear water with the odd Bull Trout amongst them. Didn't really do any hard core fishing, a couple here and there but more like just a pleasure cruise and a picnic that day. Swimming was great as this was one of those 30+ degree days we had.

Note, that's just water reflection on the port side.

Something very similar to this will be in my driveway in about a month. Rubbing my hands raw with anticipation !!!

And these are what my lady and I fish out of when we go solo. Their the panther models. I sold my Jon Boat in exchange for these as I find the Smokercraft above will be good enough for us to do our lake fishing with when fishing together but knowing myself pretty good I'd say it's only a matter of time before I get another Jon Boat, I simply love them. Probably go with the 1448 model if I did.

Lets see your flotilla's people !!!!

This is my ride right now.

Very nice, a lot of my buddy's drool over those Spratley's. Plan on making any floors for it ?

Fish'n BC

My 12' Harbercraft at Alouette lake BC. Powered by a 9.8 4 stroke Tohatsu and 38lb Minnkota. Set up with two Scotty downriggers, black box and Humminbird fishfinder.
Ron M

well....she ain't pretty, and I don't have a shot of her on the water as of yet, but I picked this baby up on Craigslist for $250. Had her up at Chain Lake, no leaks, and c&r'd 16 fish over 2 days, so I'm in love. Not shown is the early 80's Evinrude 7.5hp, Minn Kota electric motor and the Hummingbird Fishin' buddy. I also have a u-boat, with a fishin' buddy holder I made from ABS pics, sorry
Ron M

oh, here's the u-boat, from a while back, when I was just startin' out, before I learned how to fly fish....

This was my first fishing rig. Not a boat perhaps, but it was what I had when I got here. And ironically I have caught more from shore this year than from a boat. Featuring rod holder, seating and cold storage.

Then last summer I upgraded to this rig. Complete with propulsion, 2 rod holders, storage and tools. This canoe was hot last year at Wood Lake. Kokanee machine! This is the boat I use my Yamaha 2-HP with. Unfortunately that motor needs some attention one day when I get the time, it fouls plugs within 2 hours and I can't seem to find the problem. We have fished from the canoe a few times this year, but only had one fish to the boat. That was while camping on Sugar Lake. It was a tiny Rainbow so I released it. It was also the first hit I had on my new fly rod.

This is my girlfriend's boat and although we have not really fished out of it, I plan to try soon. We have 2 rod holders and that is about it. It is a runabout fun boat and was never outfitted for fishing, so no fishfinder or anything. It is a 1979 SunRunner 19' Bow-Rider with 5.0L GM power on OMC Sterndrive. It has a kicker bracket, so I would love to rebuild the carb on my old Eska 7-HP so I have a trolling motor. Then I would add a fishfinder and hopefully down the road some downriggers. Then I could pursue the deep stuff. I really want to try trolling deep for Lakers on Kalamalka Lake.

Be careful when fishing out of a canoe with a motor. Years ago I fished a guy out of Alouette. He turned to sharp and the motor torque flipped the canoe. This was in DECEMBER so the water was very cold. He was lucky there were two boats out there that day. I have a 12ft 9.9 yamaha 2 stroke. Does 34 kph according to gps. Has a downrigger and two rod holders.

Here I am at Adams Lake
Sons of Angling

sup boys longtime no chat....check my profile couple pics of my boat and someothers from this year can't upload from my phone but got a couple pics of my rig.....14 ft alum,6HP merc,36lbs minnkota not pictured,downrigger w/boom rod hldr, 2scottys and my good old humminbird 360 portable...mmm good times ..and for all the don't know changed my name awhile back used to be "BCfishmaster1000" I like this one better that the sites aliitle more mellow I plan on posting a lot more...tight lines brews!!
Hi Speed

we use this one at stave lake



Definitely lacking some free board with that load fetoid, LOLLOL

Looking good though !

Bently: ya, we put that to the test! It seems to run smoother w/ just my son and I.

she aint pretty but it does the trick

this is my longtail boat we have at our place in Ao Nang beach Thailand

^^^ I'd be tempted to mount some oar locks on that one, looks super!!!

Picked this up for $100 for my brother in law. it came with 4 paddles, two of which are brand new. They have two little kids so this 18 footer will be more than adequate for them to have some lake time in.

Give me a couple days to fix it up and I'll post the outcome.

Here's the canoe now.

Not a very good shot, but here it is. The inside is painted light blue with rod holder mounts, anchor lines and a place for a battery to sit and a new padded middle seat for the youngsters. Electric motor not shown.

Hope they like it.

you are talented ! good job, bently!
Hi Speed

nice finish work what did you use for paint

I had a bunch of Tremclad left over from the aluminum boat project so I just used that. It applied very well and will last for a long time even though it's rust prevention paint.

I don't get too finicky when it comes to that, if it sticks to the surface I'm working with, it's good enough for me.
Hi Speed

sorry bently 1 more question did you spray or brush sure looks shiny

I sprayed the outside, rolled and brushed the inside, less masking and taping this way.

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