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well finnaly the water has dropped enough, peg leg is accesable and fishable.

I can only imagine the amount of people that will STILL bottom bounce their betty's and try and escape with god knows how many illegal sockeye, even though nobody should be there BBing anyway since DFO said to refrain from using this method {too much sockeye by-catch}. It's too bad, a lot of people don't know any other way to fish though.

I'm so grateful I have a boat. I'll stick to my favorite bar fishing island bars, away from the crowds and bottom bouncers.

where is peg leg ive herd so much about it but never actually found out where it is??

Hey guys just wondering how peg is for springs right now? Thinking about going after work today.

Are you "bar fishing" or doing the "clowns that don't listen to DFO advisory fishing"

My answer will depend on which type, although I imagine you'll get both from others down the line as this thread progresses. LOLLOL

Just kidding, you couldn't pay me to fish there.

F w/ R posted this Fishery notice that gives suggestions on how to target Springs and avoid Sockeye:

It's good info.

Hi, Is it accesible by truck or with waders? How deep is the water approx.? Thanks alot

Well guys i think its time to respool with 12 lb mono and clean the fraser river fishing bag up. Beer caps, gear, tackle rappers, cut line, and empty smoke packs. Then take a month off and chill out before coho. Been a rough year on the fraser for me and the wife with only one chinook in the freezer and no sockeye or roe. But im still sitting on some roe from last year.

Hope everyone enjoyed the summer.

you can find directions to peg in the trip planner, the water has dropped enough that you can walk in. its mostly people flossing and getting socks in there right now, but there is some good spots at the end of the bar that you can set up a bar rig and go for springs.

Ya it been years since i been but i do know that the top is good water for bar fishing. I used to float fish jigs and spoons for pinks up there for fun.

Is it possible just to drive a truck in?
Unreel Luck

Not yet. I would guess at least a couple more weeks.

How deep is the water approx.? Thanks so much

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