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Do I need the steelhead conservation surcharge on my license to fish rainbow trouts in non-tidal waters? My understanding is that steelheads are rainbow trouts. Also, is it true that the limit is 10 per year? That seems awfully low.

Thank you for you help.

Best if you familiarize yourself with this.

Then, if you still have questions, post another message.

steelhead fishing isnt about keeping fish. its more of a c&r thing for most steel headers.
sharphooks moderator

agreed abe, good point.


I buy a non-tidal fishing license and a salmon tag every year i do a lot of c&r and do keep the odd fish for smoking, but i can't see why i have to buy a Steelhead tag if i'm just going to C & R them, now are they a salmon or trout ????
Fish'n BC

They are a (seagoing) rainbow trout, in tidal you don't need a tag. I have never bought a tag for c&r, just rig up with non selective tackle and tell anyone who asks: that you are fishing for bull trout or something.

Same with sturgeon: in tidal you don't need a tag. In non tidal you can fish for northern pike minow, peamouth chub, bull trout (or salmon when in season) with a heavy weight, large hooks and bait (other than fish parts)...and just happen to catch sturgeon as by catch lol.

Conservation tags go into habitat,research,and management not just hatchery supplement .Buy your tags people.I also realize people are rolling there eyes about the management comment...
Fish'n BC

Personaly I only fish for steelhead and sturgeon in the tidal waters where there are no tags required.

I'm just saying in non tidal waters you can use non selective methods to legaly fish for bull trout that may also catch steelhead; like MrGrey uses non selective methods for springs that mainly catches illegal to retain sockeye lol. Just make sure you aren't retaining any.

Prunehands has a good point however. Maybe they should have tags for sockeye research and managment as well, as ethicalbonker suggested. With the low returns we are getting, they could probably use it.
Fish'n BC

LOL MrGrey1- I'd like to point to out the post you made about your trip to scale bar and the 6 illegal sockeye you admitted to catching.

(It's in the string "sockeye question")

They weren't illegal, just not retainable !!

Your not batting a very good average with your know-it-all attitude lately Chris, better do some better homework before giving people your two bits worth cause from what I've seen lately you don't really know a whole lot, but think you do.
Fish'n BC

Sry, should have elaborated to make it clearer..."the 6 illegal to retain sockeye you admitted to catching" is what I meant to say.

I ask just as many questions as anybody else, including some you have answered. That isn't consistant with your allegation.

What's your point ??

A lot of people on this board have caught sockeye and let them go this year. After all, it is the law ya know.

Do yourself a favor , go buy a sturgeon and steelhead stamp and support the cause like most people do that fish non-tidal, instead of telling people how to loop hole around the regs.
Fish'n BC

Lol...Bently - as I said a few posts ago...I only fish sturgeon and steelhead in tidal waters...there's no stamps to buy!

My points were;

A) you have the option to legaly fish without a tag for steelhead and sturgeon in tidal waters (and retain hatchery steelhead).

B) in non tidal waters: there is no difference between non selectively fishing for springs and mainly catching illegal to retain sockeye, and non selectively fishing for bull trout and mainly catching illegal to retain steelhead. Both should be illegal perhaps, but currently both are legal.

Good, I can see we have nothing to fear when it comes to you and the steelhead then, lollol
Fish'n BC are right on there. Tidal catches of steelhead are few and far between...LOL. That's ok because I don't retain them anyway
sharphooks moderator

MrGrey1 and Bentley, cool your jets a bit. true ChrisS made a comment that whether intentional or not, was a bit rude to MrGrey1. i think you both have far overwhelmed his comment now. let it go guys and focus on fishing, not bickering. age, not shoe size boys.

ChrisS, you have shown a real eagerness to learn a lot, contribute here and become a more experienced fisherman. part of that is learning to do the right thing and hand that message down. weaseling around the rules and playing the angles like you suggested is not responsible or good for our sport or reputation. i can understand you not wanting to purchase a stamp, if you will never use it. but sending the message that others that do pursue these fish also shouldn't is irresponsible and shortsighted. some of the others here may use the term "beakish" but i prefer my kinder description.


What a load of BS. I correct a guy without banter and I catch flack for it ??

Don't categorize ME mr moderator, I did absolutely nothing wrong.

Maybe lay off us vets and just try and rid the troll instead so we don't have to see the obscene pics every time we come here.

Not our fault Chris made a mistake.

I seem to remember a MOD that did this to me before.

Didn't go well.
sharphooks moderator

Bently, all 3 of you were asked to keep on topic and quit the bickering, ChrisS got the brunt of it (because he initiated it). i am not the mod you refer to or anything like him. i don't come down on people for the occasional 4-letter word or for having a viewpoint contrary to mine or delete threads that rub me the wrong way. but after playing janitor for an hour at 1am, the last thing i expect is to have to referee hissy fits between some of our most long-term and valued members. i have my hands more than full deleting the garbage that most of the time targeted you, including your personal photos. as such i do not have time to babysit grown men who want to have a 2-on-1 pissing match with a young man. you are right, it did not go well last time, but this is not last time and things have changed a lot here. i have very limited time to spend on this forum that we all value and i guess i just expect a little more from two veterans that i respect and value as members here. let's drop it, forget the past and move on. it was just a simple request to stop falling for the provocation. remember, as a veteran who knows more than most and has been around longer than most, you have the option of ignoring someone that is acting foolish instead of joining the parade.

THE MODERATOR (but not that moderator)

While I appreciate the work you do do rid the crap from the site, I'm not really in the mood for your banter on how I should behave right now so I'll give you a childish "whatever" on that one.

The posts I gave had no "harsh comments", just factual material. Mr Grey was the one doing the Harsh wording, but I don't blame him either, Chris should have known better.

As for the troll, it's not my fault he's got a man crush on me.

Hey Bently, what's going on? You seem cranky for a guy that seems to be having a good month of fishing... I haven't even made it out this month so have been sadly living vicariously through you guys. I too noted that you and the Grey1 seem a little more cantankerous than normal. Are your wives chasing you around with end-of-summer chore lists or something? If so, I can understand that. LOL

Found a hole in my boat.

Aw crap! Well why didn't you say so. I am sure the Mod would have granted you a few free tirades over that one. I hope it is something that is easy to fix. I know my blood boils when crap like that happens. Good luck buddy.

I'm just glad it wasn't a rivet, just a small gouge the size of a match head, I'll weld a small patch over it myself and it'll be good to go.

Kind of reminds me of Alice the Goon on Popeye.


The woman wants to get "Tea Bagged"

Bwa haa haaa haaa! There could be a couple messages there. Bently, glad the boat is an easy fix. MrGrey1, maybe you should make the missus a spicy clam chowder... oops was that too far?
Ron M

those eggs are over cooked!
Ron M

excuse my poor attempt at humor, no offence intended, and yeah I probably missed the point, that happens alot, lol

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