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What happened to seabird island fishing spot, it is usually packed but now theres not even one car there when i went to scale. I seed some signs with no parking, but they only go for 5 mins of walking downhill. Also ive seen 3 big concrete blocks blocking off the trail, but you can easily walk around. What happened?

hey yz
seabird is the one with the three big cement blocks.
we cant fish there right now because the water is way to high to get out there. theres kind of a side channel you have to walk accross to get out to the actual island where its good to fish. maybe in another week it will be fishable, if the water keeps dropping. the other popular spot is chawathil bar also known as "snaggy bar" it should be good to fish there this week.
also i live just by peg leg bar in chilliwack and i was just down there tonight with my dogs, it looks like the water is dropping there fast and it should be fishable some time within the next week or so, if you dont mind wading out there.
also anyone reading this that has never fished peg leg, i wouldnt recomend going there and trying to wade in the water unless you go with someone that knows the river there. its such a dangerous spot to fish early in the year when the water is high, theres trop offs there that you can get swept in the river. people die there every year be smart out there fish arent worth deing over

I have been told the blocks were placed there by the natives and that were not to be inside there because its their land appearntly. Sucks, i like that spot.

Yea, I was told the same thing, I went there and there was also a train blocking the way but that could have easily been crossed but I went to scale instead.

Fishing forum > What happened to Seabird Island Bar


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