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Guys you might say yah or nay on this but im tossing my little secret out there. Ice is like 4.00 a bag but i have been using ice rink snow. I know it has spit or germs in it but i fill up the night im heading out fishing. i wrap my fish into sealed bags and thenput them into the ice ring snow in the cooler. This way no germs get into my fish, again this system works for me and might not for u. Days where your packing multiple fish can be costly when needing 3 or 4 bags of ice. The snow is free and just do your homework to find out wjere the snow is during the summer. langley, abby, and the wack have a few spots all year.


With all due respect, thats pretty gross man....why not just make ice in your freezer throughout the week or fill some milk jugs or pop bottles and freeze them? Also, ice packs are super cheap at Canadian Tire. Is getting free ice really worth the possibility of hepatitis or worse? I know you said you bag your fish first but how about all the things that the outside of the bag will touch in its travels from your cooler to the freezer to the kitchen counter etc?

That was my initial response too. But at the same time you can't knock his ingenuity and thriftiness if it works for him. Just hope he isn't selling discounted SnoCones to kids at the launch. LOL. J/K

lol, definitely kudoos for ingenuity and thriftiness, but i think there is line.....

I've got an old ball cap with the "Golden Arches" on it. I wear it into MacDonalds and tell the youngsters that they sponsor our ball team, they fill my cooler up every time, no questions asked.

Been doing it for about 5 yrs straight, never ever have they turned me down.

The gullible are to be taken advantage of. LOLLOLLOL

Actually, no advantage must be taken. McDonalds will fill coolers for a donation to the Ronald McDonald House. Flip a loonie or two their way and enjoy a full cooler...

I'm a cheap prick, I'll stick with my hat thanks.

I was just waiting for you to say it first.

And at least with the Arches Ice, you get slightly less hepatitis. :P

Guys i never thought about hep, can i live in the froson ice? if i can i think im going to abandon this technic and go to mc D's. Thanks for the imput.

Probably not a bad idea. I still have to give you props for out-cheaping Bently though. Freezer packs can be made quite well from old Ocean Spray bottles too. They are tough as nails and a good shape for maximum space efficiency. Now I need to go buy some Cranberry juice and do likewise. All my commercial gel packs are leaking odd coloured snot.

I just feel freezer packs dont fully wrap around the fish. I think im going to look into buying a shaved ice machine. LOL shaved, ya i went there.

Hahahhaaa! Nice one. They do make standalone ice-makers but they are about $160. Really though, how long are you out? Are you at sea for a week or so? :P Back in my Salmon days in the 'chuck we used a baby bath basin with water in it and put them in the shade covered in a wet burlap sack. (And no I a not 80-something). We did that in the heat of the summer and never saw any issues after 6 hour fishing days. So by my figuring when I take a cooler full of beverages and ice packs, my fish is way cooler than the aforementioned technique.

Fishing forum > free ice for your salmon


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