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Man i got to vent. I cant believe still no sockeye openning and the natives get to fill their boots. I have a few coworkers that bought a few springs and sockeye. They said 20 each for a spring and 15 for a sock. I cant even fish for that cheap, with gas, gear and food prices.

All i need for the winter is 5 springs, 20 socks, and a few coho ever year for the family to enjoy fish one ever week or two. Its sad the natives can take hundrends everyday.

As for commerial, that needs to be 100% closed. Netting should be illegal, get a rod and fish if u want fish.

Oh brother, this again ?
Fish'n BC

Hey I saw those guys too when I was there last...tempting to buy some lol. Is that bar starting to show yet?

A number of the first nations guys also have comercial licences, so if there is a comercial opening we can buy from them legaly.

There's usualy a marine comercial and recreational opening well before the river and that may be the only opening we get this year, so might have to tow the boat out to Twsn coal term area or something for

Yes im aware that the numbers are low this year, but mabey we need to got to a tag system like in Ireland. I think the natives and receational fishing need this system. Ill expain in a bit. Gtg at the moment

Thats a cool post mr.gray lol. "get a smokie a drink and a 2x socks to go".

So my friend said in Ireland he had to buy a tag fir each fish he caught before hand. These tags were a zap strap that could not be reused. So say i could buy 10 sockeye tags and 2 spring tags and 10 coho tags. I think this system could work here. People caught with untagged fish could be charged ir arrested. It also allows the money collected for each species to be spent on conservation if that species.

I think 2.00 - 5.00 per salmon tag would be far. So 10x socks tags would cost me up to 50.00 bucks. But the kicker is i could take all 10 fish in ine trip, therefor saving all the gas.

Any thoughts guys and gals????

Sorry about the i"s unstead of o"s. Im on my phone right now.
Red Wool

Personally, I like the idea of tags. The only problem that I can see arising with that are those of us who don't take home fish to eat, and choose to fish for sport, get a picture, and then sit with the fish in the water until it's revived.

Does that mean I don't take fish home? No. I do. I maybe take one spring a year, plus five or six hatchery coho. Which, I may add, I would have no problem buying tags for. However, 95% of my time on the river is catch and release. And I'd be interested to see how a tagging system would affect the catch and release fishermen such as myself????

P.S. I don't bottom bounce or floss.
Fish'n BC

Sounds like what they are doing here for Hunting tags for deer and bear etc...but they still put possession limits in the regs. It might be a good way for them to get revenue for fisheries programs as well as keep track of catch numbers.
They could perhaps require the tags for retention only.

Sockeye are reportedly on the bite now in the non tidal fraser, people trolling for chinook are reportedly catching sockeye in a number of fraser river locations.

I'll have to launch my boat and go after chinook to confirm it, maybe this week some time.

Ya the tag system wouldnt affect catch and release. You could keep some tags in your tackel box or vest if u plan on retaining. It would be your choice to use them at any time. But a person could just sport fish with a basic liceanse and never retain if they wanted.

Chris u brought up a great point about fisheries being able to count what tags are being sold and used. The salmon tag sale money can be allocated the proper species. The system now is flawed, the salmon stamp money i hear goes to trout stocking in lakes.

Trout stocking money could come from trout tags. Lets say lake fishermen could buy x6 trout tags for each lake or regoin that they plan to fish. These tags could cost mabey 25 or 50 cents each. Lakes that have prized trout like kootney lake could cost more money, say 2.00 dollars each.

I also think the native bands would have to use these tags aswell. Lets say the seabird band is allocated 700 tags and the cheam band get 1500 tags. They then zap strap each sockeye and anyother fish in their net " such ass a spring or steelhead ". Of course their tags are free but what they get they get and thats all. It would be their choice to keep the fish to eat or sell. Thats the bands choice. But if a native boat or member is found with un tagged fish, GAME OVER. They would face the same penalties as anyone eles. No its my right bull crap, and that band could also face a fine, therfor causing the band to keep tabs and regulate thier members.

Mr. Gray i def agree about the commerial guys. I know its their lively hood but its time to change. They need to see what their doing and walk away. Get a all year round job like the rest of us or change the way they fish.

I think we are gonna see a 10 day opening announced pretty soon...

We better, i wanna make some candy socks

Guys how are the sock doing on the bars? Still lots being caught? i havent been out in 8 days.
Fish'n BC

The natives get to fish for sockeye first because they have reservations...

The Pacific Salmon Comission page has all the panel announcments and meeting notes.They also have all the test set info.The Fraser sets should be 3-4 times what they are.The Jhonstone straight sets should be in the thousands and have been known to get into the tens of thousands.I can't imagine they would ever open sockeye this year.
Fish'n BC

They officialy said there won't be an opening this year. It's highly unlikely there will be an opening next year either, because the main broodstock for next years run was even smaller. Gotta wait for 2004.

"Gotta wait for 2004."

Hmmm ????, do you see a problem here???? lollol
Fish'n BC

Ha ha...typo...was suposed to read 2014 lol...unless you want to wait for time point Bently!

Gotta start proof reading more

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