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Just got back from a 4 day Kayak/Canoe trip on the north thompson and went from Clearwater to Kamloops fishing/camping along the way. It was my father and younger brother in the canoe with me in a Kayak and we had an absolute wonderful time! could have been better but we were also not using roe as it would have just been too messy to muck with while paddling/camping and such so we just stuck to spinners, spoons, some fly fishing as well as tried out some artificial egg clusters. over the 4 days between the 3 of us we caught and released maybe a dozen fish total half of which were whitefish...4 dollys and 2 bows.....2 of the dolly and the 2 bows were probably pushing the 5lb mark with the other 2 dollys being maybe a pound or 2.....oh and also a ton of 2inchers on the fly at dusk that was fun for awhile, lol.......warning to anyone doing this trip though......the rapids at heffley area are quite nasty and even in the Kayak was a little scary...the canoe was almost swamped and we were quite lucky I think that we didn't end up in a "situation"...but all in all it was a great trip and definitely recommended....thinking plunking a glob of roe in many places on the bottom would have produced more and maybe even a spring or 2 on their way to the Clearwater river but still fared out well as was.

Cheers and tight lines.

sounds like a great trip. i imagine it would be a bit scary as there is a lot of water coming down still.
i tried there for springs a few years ago. unless you have a boat it is pretty tough fishing.
have you been out on the shuswap river yet for salmon? i'm off hunting next week. back about the 22nd. if you want to give it a try some time after i get back drop me a note.

It was actually really tame other than the one set of bad rapids mentioned.....85%of the rest of the trip was almost like paddling in a lake, lol...definitely a bit worn out after that trip!....have yet to get out on the shuswap or anywhere for salmon otherwise though and I will be heading out to Chad (yes Africa) for work by the end of the month...but if I am indeed still home after the 22nd then I may just do that Cagey....would be nice to get into a couple before headin out.

i know how beat you were. i once did a trip down the beaton river north of ft st john. problem was the river ran dry almost while we were on our trip and we had to drag the dammed canoes for 5 days to get to my truck at the other end. all that with a moose and gear ! we had two days of paddling before we ran out of water then the third day battled a strong , and i mean strong head wind. we had to walk and pull the canoes most of the day even though we had water. the next 5 days we dragged them 95 5 of the way. i'll never forget that trip although i try to forget the part i have related here . anyway drop me a note if you are still around aug 22nd. i'll be at the slide hole the morning after i get back ! if not, good luck in africa !

Sorry to go off topic but cagey you going sheep hunting or Moose?

moose. they open aug 15th.

Good luck on the hunt Cagey, I'll stick to dropping mine in October when it's cooler.

no problem. i shoot cool moose ! and it is nice not to have to count points !

Good luck, sounds like it will be a fun trip!

Fishing forum > North Thompson Kayak/Canoe trip.


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