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I think a "reactionary amendment" is in order on this site.

If somebody makes a dickish, knee-jerk comment and especially if you do not recognize their name, first click on their name.

If they have been a member for less than 6 months, have less than 6 reports and less than 24 posts. Then click "Forum" and go onto another thread.

Why fight with some newbie that has contributed nothing, likely knows nothing and it also likely young enough to require adult supervision while outdoors?

If we sink to their level, this place becomes a freakin' daycare. And if long-term members (for whatever reason) do want to keyboard battle, they can do so elsewhere, through email, a chat program or [gasp] face to face like grown men.

Spell check and some fundamental proof-reading would also be amazing prior to mashing the "Submit" button. Remember if your writing appears childish, that is how you will be interpreted (it is all we have to go on after all).

good suggestion except for using the reports as criteria. i only have one. i have rarely fished anywhere on the list. i am looking forward to the revisions our attacker today has demanded. then i will try and catch up to you !!!! only 47 to go. hell, i can do that in a month of salmon fishing. i can fish 3 diferent places a day and file reports .

I hear you Cagey and you are lucky to fish the less known spots. But you have a boatload of posts likely, so that 1 report would be adjusted by your post count. What I am saying is not to fuel the fires of some newbie who will only stick around if he gets a reaction or attention. Continue to delete the attacks and racist verbal diarrhea and let the occasional post from a "nobody" generate no ripples.

Good idear ChakaRaka,

I will try my hardest not to get "INTO IT" with the heathens that the swamp waters create.

However, I will choose not to report my fishing locations and success in the report section, which is my right to do so if I please.

If I "DO" have a report I wish to share on the board I will do it with a written report along with pics in a separate thread with a "TITLE" that tells the viewer the basic tale.


Sounds good, I was a member of this site before and it's nice to see thing are looking good and I am happy to be apart of this site again. Hope to have a report up this weekend!

Good stuff boys. I respect your right not to report Bently I guess I just like to share. I honestly also look back on my own stuff to see what I did where and what worked. Maybe I am getting old and need a written record. Whatever I am glad to share and also happy to see some long time members back. Positivity will always overwhelm the nay-saying...if we all try to help this place will be a great resource. Stick around Bently and let me know if you are ever in the area. Tight lines bro's.

100 % in agreement chaka.
the moderator

Chaka, I am only 19 and I have gotten a fishing log going. Its cool to look back And see what you have done. Also brings back memories like when I hooked my first steelhead!

Fishing logs are a great thing to have. I have many many pages of my fishing experiences. I also like to look back in my late fathers log books/diaries. It simply amazes me at what he wrote down. I can actually read a page from 1975 that has the lake name, the date and time and where on the lake that a certain hatch occurred and for how long. Sometimes you can go back to that same spot, same date, and within minutes you'll witness the same type of hatch. Worth having the appropriate gear ready for the action too, as it can come and go just like the wind !!

Other more simple things are good to write down too, for instance, the amount of people in the campsites you've visited, the best spot you liked, to how windy the lake was on average while you stayed, all kinds of stuff like that. Bests spots, depths and lure/fly selections, it all helps you and can actually feel very rewarding and not so stressful when planning a long trip. Over the years you tend to visit quite a few lakes/rivers etc etc. It's nice to be able to look back and remember before you go.

Not worth getting into it with this clown.

I think it's that wannabe tough guy that wanted to meet people and try and be tough {meh}. If I remember correctly he was the kid that wasn't old enough to drive yet and posted some pics of a black boot chum in his kitchen with his little brother.

Bently you were just baited and you took the offering. Funny retort but we know who you are without compensating. To the gutter slag that just fouled my thread, you have been given your one chance...go away. Someone can drive you nuts, but only if you give them the "keys". Please do not comment on my threads unless you have something to offer...

Sorry Chaka, I edited.
sharphooks moderator

No worries, so did the jack-ass, as you can clearly see.


Good work Nano, logs are great to have because even as you get experienced you aren't always catching. It is nice to be able to look back on what worked and where...

I have been using this site for quite awhile, and I have a bit of a problem revealing my hot spots and favorite lakes over the internet. I would love to reveal these locations to the good people on here, but putting that stuff on the internet makes it easy for the idiots and poachers to read what I wrote, pack up and drive out and poach away. I would love nothing more than to trade secrets with people on here but I just feel as if most of the info on here is doing more harm. I hope this isn't true but it's a sad reality. I would love to get together with people in real life to talk fishing and exchange experiences and favorite spots but it's tough when people are scattered throughout the province. For me, I'm basically a beginner at salmon fishing (about 30hrs exp, only 3 fish kept) but 20 years of fly fishing I feel I can help someone become a better fly fisherman so it would be nice to exchange places to fish, techniques, and traditions to help eachother improve. We gotta find a system to weed out the morons and improve these sites.

PM's {private message, which we don't have} are a good way to communicate on these sites. You can be reading and sharing in a thread but sometimes when you want to have a conversation for what ever reason you can just go to PM and not disrupt the thread.

This way you can share you goodies with whoever you want. I don't know of many sites where people "give up" their honey holes etc etc. It's kinda frowned upon to ask for these too.

General info about a lake/river/ocean is okay but when people start asking me "what were you using" or "exactly where abouts were you" I tend to "bend the truth" so to speak.

He tells 2 friends and so on and so way jose !!!

everyone who uses this site on a regular basis agrees with you (but some are not afraid to post reports. lol.).
if you want to get some salmon fishing, come try the thompson river in september (you can give me some tips on fly fishing while i land your salmon !!!).
weeding out the morons is dificult but thanks to a few members and a stubborn moderator we are making headway. as chaka is suggesting we have to try and ignore the morons and not give them the satisfaction of getting anything but deleted !
one way of weeding them out is to have so many legit people posting that they are out done ! recently for the most part that is what we have. do your part and post a lot more. tell us about your exploits but, if you choose, keep the names of the lakes or streams to yourself. you can still tell everyone what you caught, what worked and what did not. everyone helps to make it a better place for us to spend some spare time bs'ing.

The troll says that most sites make you post "reports"....WRONG!!!!

Some sites make you have a minimum "POST" count before you can access certain "areas" of the site.

for instance,

You require 50 "POSTS" not reports before you can access the fishing report section, or 50 "POSTS" not reports before you can access the buy and sell etc etc etc.

This way the member has to actually give some kind of input into the site and not just "LURK" like some "TROLLS" do. Input such as sharing your experiences in regards to another members thread title and so forth. No sites INSIST that you make a "FISHING REPORT" to become a full time member.

This troll has no idea, absolutely none, just keep deleting and ignore all other post made by him.

Let the Moderator deal with it "BY HIMSELF", There is no need for us to post anything anymore, it just feeds the troll.

DO NOT REPLY TO THE TROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. thanks Chaka lollol

sorry if this is repeated but can we get a facility on the website to enable us to send private messages to one another?

For someone who doesn't like this site,you sure spend a lot of time here.

Zero and I'm OK with that.I don't use the report section.Therefore, I'm not leeching

You need a woman

prunehands, allow me to refer you to the first post of this thread...


yeh Chaka,i should know better.i even mutter to myself when others take the bait

It is easy to do. Harder not to engage. But look how minimal the garbage gets when nobody eggs the trolls on...

" Harder not to engage"

Ummm, I might need rehab on this, LOLLOLLOL

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