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I wanted to let you guys know about a new news site for anglers.

It's run by fishermen right here in Canada.. we're not a business and have nothing to sell. Just a few people hoping to make a place where anglers can stay informed of the latest news and articles.

If you have questions or comments let me know.



looks like an american site to me...lots of non salmon discussions!%....but can be useful i guesss.
smelly roe

Doesn't really apply to the fishing around here. It's all about lesser fish like walleye and bass.

Smelly Roe...I wouldn't call walleye and bass "lesser fish" though. Pound for pound, bass will out fight, out jump any salmon, trout or char.

And by the way, did you ever taste fresh walleye? Now that is what some people would say is a great tasting fish. Even bass tasts great.

Just my 2 cents these two "great" fish.

smelly roe

Sorry ,I don't agree. Been there, caught them. Don't want to again. I've heard that arguement before, a small steelhead-10 lbs, will outfight a large bass- 10 lbs, anyday. Plus steelhead aren't UGLY!! HA.

hi smelly roe. you state that walleye and bass are lesser fish? if you go to the east side of north america i do believe walleye and bass are champion fish over there. they bring in millions of dollars to the local economy through tackle shops, licenses, derbys,engine and boat manufacturers and are self sustaining meaning less money is spent on hatcheries. if you fish the saltchuck do you only target salmon? i don't think catching a 80lb halibut is a lesser fish or a 40lb ling cod. i think the same should be said about our wonderful rivers and lakes. i have caught bass before and they are a fun fish. i guess i treat all fish on their own merit. salmon are king over here on the pacific but they are not the only sportfish we anglers have the privelidge to go after...tight lines!

Stupid site. Caters to east coasters... Ontario fishery, blah.....
smelly roe

Seriously El nino 2010, if I caught a 40 lb ling cod I'd cut the line!!! Ok, so I'm a steelhead/salmon snob.. I admitt it. To me the only decent eastern fish is an Atlantic salmon. But they're all gone..almost. Bass make good bait.

Hey guys, did you know Ontario has big pacific salmon and steelhead runs from the great lakes?

If you like floatfishing for salmon/steelhead check out:

salmon assasin

Ya but you cant even com pare it B.C. salmon/steelheading. as far as im concerned bass and walleye are for people who dont have the luxury of salmon and steelhead.
smelly roe

Oh well, I'll respect other peoples ideas of good fishing I guess. We're just very lucky to have the fishery we've got here. Year round salmon and steelhead and we don't get a real winter, more like fall blends into spring. And we're all happy when it rains too! FISH ON!!

don't get me wrong assasin... i caught my biggest chinook salmon this year from the vedder. But when i waas younger back in high school rockcod and lingcod were a delight to catch as well as snapper and dogfish(unintentionally of course). I don't think any respected angler should disrespect fish just because it has no beauty pageant award. Bass and small trout are a great way of getting younger anglers intersted in the sport. everybody loves to catch salmon/steelhead but they are not the only fish we should concentrate on. With global warming we might have to see salmon closures as the norm rather than one time event.lets be happy with what we have.


I agree. I'm still a big kid and I originally was hooked when I caught my first rainbow trout. Today, I am still looking for those beautiful rainbows.

salmon assasin

dont get me wrong I started out in the ocean and I love cod and halibit and trout on the fly thats awsome but all bass and walleye do is eat the native spicies and bass are meant for back east were there arnt as many beutiful trout. I like all fish but bass are my least favourite and what bugs me is that some idiot s are illigally stoking bass into are local lakews and water sheds and there eating all that salmon and trout fry. here are a list of lakes and rivers that have bass in B.C. and that are Illigally stocked. so go out there and kill as many salmon and trout eating bass as you can. Because bass are great back east but when they come over here and kill off the native fish stocks that makes me made.
Fraser Valley:
Mill Lake - Abbotsford B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Hatzic Lake - Mission B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Chadsey Lake - Abbotsford, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Sturgeon Slough - Pitt Meadows, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Brunette River - Coquitlam, B.C. - (rumored) Largemouth Bass
Judson Lake - Abbotsford, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Pepin Creek - Abbotsford, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
N. Alouette River - Pitt Meadows, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Fish Trap Creek - Abbotsford, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Glochester Ponds - Aldergrove, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
West Creek - Langley, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Salmon River - Fort Langley, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Kawkawa Lake - Hope, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass (few)
Albert Dyck Park - Abbotsford, B.C. - Largemouth Bass

Osoyoos Lake - near town of Osoyoos, B.C. - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Skaha Lake - near Penticton and Okanagan Falls, B.C. - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Vaseux Lake - S. of Okanagan Falls, B.C. - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Deadman Lake - N. of Osoyoos, B.C. - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Okanagan River - From Okanagan Lake to Osoyoos Lake - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass

Duck Lake - North of Creston, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Christina Lake - 22 km. E. of Grand Forks, B.C. - Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass
Kootenay Lake Flats - S. end of lake near Creston, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Summit Creek (slough) - W. of Creston, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Jim Smith Lake - 7 km. SW. of Cranbrook, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Baynes Lake - 11 km. SW. of Elko, B.C. - Largemouth Bass
Tie Lake - N. of Jaffray, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass

Vancouver Island:
Diver Lake - Near Hwy 19, 7 km. N. of Nanaimo, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Long Lake - 16 km. NW. of Nanaimo, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Quennell Lake - 7 km. SE. of Cedar, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Shawnigan Lake - 50 km. N. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Elk and Beaver Lakes - 13 km. N. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Prospect Lake - 18 km. N. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Glen Lake - W. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Holden Lake - SE. of Hwy 1 near Cedar, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Langford Lake - NW. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Matheson Lake - SW. of Victoria, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Spider Lake - S. of Dunsmuir, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Young Lake - NW. of Sooke, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass

Saltspring Island:
St. Mary Lake - near Vesuvius harbor, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
Cusheon Lake - near Fulford harbor, B.C. - Smallmouth Bass
so go out there and kill as many bass as you can.

salmon assasin..why are you promoting fish killing. this site was not intended for members to push their ideals upon others such as "kill as many as you can". we are all respected anglers sharing our ideas and techniques and promoting sport fishing. What you have just stated is not even proven. it is also illegal and stupid to destroy fish. check the regs.

el-nino2010, it is not really that uncommon for certain fish to be a target for killing...

just across the boarder, fishermen are being compensated $3-$6 for evey pikeminnow they kill. and this is exactly for the reason salmon assasin mentioned - those fish are a threat to trout and salmon.

in fact, similar project was proposed for funding here in bc...
smelly roe

El NINO, you are dead wrong. First of all, who are you to say what this site is to be used for. Assasin was simply telling you something you're not aware of, and he's right. Secondly it is not stupid to kill illegally stocked bass, they're a threat to the native fish.
smelly roe

El NINO, you are dead wrong. First of all, who are you to say what this site is to be used for. Assasin was simply telling you something you're not aware of, and he's right. Secondly it is not stupid to kill illegally stocked bass, they're a threat to the native fish.

well...aren't bass a major predator of the northern pikeminnow. Don't cutthroat trout and dolly varden prey on salmon smolts and eggs. I don't see a bounty by the government put on them. I know seals do great damage to salmon stocks when they return to the simple answers i think. bass are mostly in lakes their natural habitat. i don't support bass guys..i don't think sport fishermen should be killing fish for no reason especially without government the pikeminnow.its a scientifically proven pest and should be controlled.

Chinook Fishing on the Fraser Has picked up this week. I just caught and released 2 just under 20lbs. today. Anyone else having the same luck?

idiots...killing bass...ignorant close minded fools who wouldn't know a good fighting fish if they were smacked in the face with it. If the bass were any real threat to the native species then I would agree something should be done, but these bass are contained in a few lakes only and are no threat to spread. Leave them alone.

ok bass definitely do not out fight trout or salmon ur crazy to think that!! a 2 pound rainbow will out fight a 7 lb bass any day, hands down!! bass are a coarse fish to catch when there is absolutly no other choice!!
deer hunter

I agree;bass are just freshwater rock cod,sad and pathetic like the people who fish for them!
bug pumper

How could anyone think a bass is a good fighting fish? I mean seven seconds after you hook it, its in the boat. Those little jumps, they can hardly get thier fat little butt out of the water. Bp

Ya, if a bass' mouth is open its like towing in one of those water socks people use to slow themselves down on the troll!

"bass" is a general statement. Largemouth bass fight like a rubber boot, where as smallmouth bass outfight your rainbows pound for pound, but not by any huge margin. Anyone who claims smallies don't fight has never had an active 6 pounder. Of course you'll all come back with the "your crazy" comments. I've been fishing a good many years now and believe me when I tell you my memory is fresh on this whole controversy as I just came back from Salt Spring on Monday. St Mary's Lk has both smallies and bows and plenty of both. The smallies just finished a spawn and were thin as hell but still outfought the bows. Bows are a bit smarter with tactics to spit the hook but still not as strong.
deer hunter

water socks; thats hilarious gooey.They are like a water sock those stupid stillwater rockcod.
bug pumper

I don't know.. I've fished that lake. Every time I hooked a bass I thought- aw shit another sucker.

bug pumper thats a good one, ahahahahahah sucker, thats money, can i use that one
bug pumper

ha! Sure, be my guest. Aw shit another sucker.#*!!

Hey salmon assin, where did you get all that info on the where abouts of all these bass in these places i have nver heard of. I would like to take my kids out to bass fish as they are good to learn on i try in mill lake alot but no luck any tips?

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