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Or is it another name for shrimp ??

Its a type of shrimp that likes to hide in the sand, hence the name "ghost". No one has ever really seen any before!

How about this one:
Its the bait you put on a hook when there is a bait ban on a particular river, because you know DFO won't see it...

Actually, I don't know what it is either...I'm just being a smartass cause I'm happy its TGIF and Im fishin tomorrow!!

Tight lines man!


PS, have you caught any fish on you new #7 flyrod?
fish on

Has the tying instructions in the link
Good one d_g
Dyer Straits

Ghost Shrimp or "bugs" are a small shrimp found on the sandy beaches around here.

how do you find them?

From what I have heard, you have to pump them out from the beach sand...Sounds like a lot of work for bait
salmon assasin

I dont really know what gost shrimp are but I think you guys have the right idea. I was fishing roe, worms, wool but nothing was producing. and a guy walks in behind me in water that I have already covered and pulls out a nice 12 lb wild and said that he had been catching them all day but no hatcheries. I think its worth the work.

my turn! ghost shrimp are tiny crayfish looking shrimp that do burrow in the sand like a tunnel. they have a clear see thru body and are verrrrrrry fast when found. i used to use them for perch bait when i was younger. at white rock beach they can be found in the tide pools hiding under rocks! they also keep well in saltwater aquariums if you have one! cheers!
smelly roe

Ok, I 've gotta add my bit. ghost shrimp or (bugs) are the best bait for steelhead. You have to get a pump to go get them and it's a blast to pump for them!! They can be found all along spanish banks in Vancouver or any seaside beach at low tide. You just have to look for those little holes in the sand. People think that those are from clams, but those holes are really from the shrimp. Me and my fishing buddies use them alot and they really do work when the fish have gotten used to seeing roe and wool all day. Pump away and good luck.
The Yak

Jaymers Fish and Tackle in Poco carries them...

I heard that if you can find a hole someone already pumped,there is usually a few shrimp still in the hole.
all you have to do is find them.
Salmon Slayer

The shrimp are easy and fun to pump, just go get a pump at Berry's or another leading store and you will get all you ever need. Be sure to check with the DFO because some areas are protected from the pumping of the shrimp. Berry's bait will also have that info. For instance last year you were not allowed to pump out at Spanish Banks in Vancouver. This is to protect the natural balance of the sandy beaches. When you do get the shrimp watch out for the big claw it can do some damage to your skin. Also to use the shrimp the trick is to break off the claw as it is a defence mech. for the shrimp. I simply put my hook through the lenth of the body and use the roe loop to hold it on my hook. The med to small shrimp are the best for some reason I have never had much luck with the realy large ones. These shrimp can reach 4 inches in lenth. They keep well in wet (salt water) shredded newspaper or wet seaweed in the fridge and when you carry them also wet shreds of newspaper and a cooler are handy. There are limits to how much you can have and carry. Beware this is not an insect it is a shrimp and there are laws to protect it from us fishing freaks. I do agree this is probably the top bait for over fished or warry fish. Coho love them too. Have fun out there boys!

Tight lines.

Salmon Slayer

Here is some more info on what they look like. To find out more google Ghost or Sand shrimp.

Go get em boys!

Cool thank for the info now i just gotta find out where i can get them about this pump what does it do ?? pump them out of the sand or what ??
Salmon Slayer

The pump is more of a suringe it sucks up the sand and water surrounding the shrimp before he can slide down his den and get too deep to catch. Sometimes I get 3-5 shrimp at a time. Any sandy beach like White Rock or Spanish Banks or the flats off the Fraser will produce. My favorite place is Point Grey in Vancouver (Spanish Banks). Just suck up the sand and pump it out on the surface and there they those pinchers though. Also break off the big pincher right away cause they will kill each other in the pail. Keep them cool but not in water, the oxogen depleets too fst. They do well in seaweed or moss. A shovel will not do well as they hear the slice and take off!

You can build your own ghost shrimp pump too.. i made my own, never used it but it have suction ( which i can increase or decrease hehe) and it has all the qualities of a store bought pump. if you want instructions to make it, you can ask me anytime. itll cost you about 20 dollars ( i forgot the website i got the directions from )

how big are they?

lol i remember diggin one of those things up at white rock when i was very young and freaking out because i thought it was a scorpion
green guy


john87 spill the beans and tell me how you built yours? they want about $100 at berry's for a pump and if i can make one im all over that!!

much thanks!
fisher 696

howdy all, a guy showed me his "shrimp pump".It was a 3" copper pipe about 3 feet long,capped on one end with a small hole in the cap. Additionally it had a 3/4 inch pipe running thru the big one about 2" below the cap. It was used as a handle. The way it is used is to locate the shrimp hole, place the 3" pipe over the hole and press down hard, pushing the pipe down about 2-3 feet into the sand. Using a finger to cover the hole in the cap, withdraw the pipe from the sand and pick up yer bait!! The principle is the same as putting yer finger over the end of a straw & removing it from a glass of liquid.....while yer finger covers the hole the unit is under vaccum and will lift out the sand holding the shrimp. Remove yer finger and the seal is broken, sand & shrimp slide out. I was told to "hunt" near the water as the sand is less dense or compact and requires less effort to push the pipe in. I hope this has helped.........tight lines ya'll
green guy

yo fish696!

how is the 3/4" pipe attached to the 3" copper pipe? what kind of cap did he use? pvc piping? i dont understand how the smaller pipe is used as a handle?

much thanks!!
fisher 696

the smaller pipe is placed through 2 holes drilled through the 3" pipe and soldered or welded into place. The cap can be a flat piece of copper soldered into place. I was thinking of cutting 3 1/4 inches off the end of the big pipe and flattening it out. Then cut it into a 3" circle and solder it.When finished the thing looks like a cross. It may be a good idea to put something in the 3/4" pipe as copper softens when heated and the handle may bend after a while. A wooden dowel or something similar should suitably re-enforce it.

try this link, directions on how to make your own pump:

hope this helps
green guy

well i got to tell you that pumping them is a blast!thank you fish696 for your info.

i went to my local shop and started to describe the pump you wrote about and they hade one hiding in the back. i went out today with the wife at low water and had a scream pumping these guys.not to mention all the kids that had to try it.

in 1 hour i had about 30 so we packed it up and went home. i dont know where im going fishing tomorrow but im sure it will be a good time thanks again for your info.

Louis Vuitton

Just make sure youre checking the regs on where youre allowed to pump and how many youre allowed to have.

Tight lines

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