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sryy if this offends any yall but in my opinuin this is the truth what is yours

BC's premier Christy Clark is a tool...if she is a true tree hugger, she would say no to the Northern Gateway pipeline project - period, instead she is just being greedy and wants more royalties and says its for British Columbians? She is delaying the inevitable and is holding jobs back from BC'ers. I would much rather stay in BC to work instead of traveling to AB or SK!

cut the politics. no problem stating your opinion on the proposed pipeline, but leave the politicians out of it. i did not catch this post somehow earlier so will not delete anything now.
the moderator

The pipeline will go ahead just because Harper has declared it in Canada's national interest. So she might just as well try and get us more for the risks associated with it. If she is able to shut it down or the NDP are able to stop it, what's to stop Alberta from building thousands of oil transporting rail cars. Just saying... Also if the pile line goes ahead, Prepare to pay more for gasoline. Reason being the USA pays Alberta 80% of world oil prices since who else can they sell it to. Once the pipeline is built they will tell the USA you pay world price or it goes to Asia....... When that happens we all pay.

Sorry, but with Enbridge's brutal track record in preventing oil spills (and inability to clean them up effectively), there's no way this project is getting the green light. BC'ers are way too smart to let a wreckless company like that mess with the 1000 or so rivers this pipeline is supposed to cross. Not to mention, the Natives will hold this up in court for at least a decade. This project is not in BC's best interests - period!

It's cost Enbridge 8 Billion so far to try and clean up their last spill and their not even close to being done yet.

They have the worst track record in the entire industry, no way in hell they should even be allowed to entertain the thought of a pipeline.

My vote is and always will be a big fat "NO F-ing WAY "

Fishing forum > cristy clark


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