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I really thought that treble hooks were against the regs. throughout all of BC. Am I wrong?

I only ask because I’ve seen them for sale in some of the “big box” retailers (maybe a mistake made by their corporate buyer?). I also saw someone using one on a lake up north (I thought he wasn’t aware of the regs. I didn’t say anything). And then yesterday I saw one shown on the Gofish BC website, maybe a mistake by the web designer?

Are treble hooks ok on lakes? The only reference I can find in the regs are (pg. 9 Prov. Regs):
-Use barbed hooks or a hook with more
than one point in any river, stream, creek
or slough in B.C. (Note: the use of barbed
hooks in lakes is permitted, unless noted in
the Regional Water-Specific Tables)

I’m sorry about the nube question; however, I always heard they were against the regs. and now I can’t find them in the regs.

Depends on the lake. In Okanagan Lake you can use trebles without barbs now. As ironic as a barbless treble hook is... :S

Barbless trebles are legal for saltwater

trebles are allowed in lakes unless that alke is listed as being single barbless. for example shuswap lk is single barbles. surprisingly not many lakes are restricted. the key as always is to see if the lake/stream is listed in the "exceptions" then check the regional rules before fishing any where.

Wow, I had no idea.
Ok, thanks for the info.

BTW, barbless treble????? Really?

Those lures you buy at the big box stores and local shops are normally sold with a treble hook, remember these lures are more geared to the American market where different rules apply. Here's a tip. Change out the trebles to a single hook - Why? because the the trebles can be easier for the fish to throw the hook. Normally only one of the hooks on the treble will hook the fish, while fighting the fish will flop, spin,roll and in doing so the other hooks on the treble can act as a fulcrum in the fishes mouth letting it pop out the other hook easily.

Last year for Pink season I had to change out several of my hooks to single barbless, especially the buzz bombs.

Trout fishing w/ treble hooks is pretty popular in the States.
As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago when I told a friend that treble hooks couldn't be used here he said that single hooks could pierce a trouts skull when it bit down on the bait, as opposed to treble hooks which don't.

I don't know if there have been any actual studies.

that is true cause some of the single barb and barbless hooks they have on the market here are able to kill some of the trout in are river systems but the treble hook still does more damage to a trout because it is harder to get out of there mouth but if you use it for bass its a diffrent storey cause there mouth is harder so as to that the DFO wouldnt allow anglers to use treble hooks. but thats just my 2 cents

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