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Going camping for a week with my dad and brother. Should be awesome. They want to go to Tulameen which is near Princeton. We may head towards Osoyus not sure yet it's up in the air. We leave on the Friday the 3rd. I would love to have a chance at catching some real fish for a chance! (not these pinner Fraser river ones) :D
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I'm sure the locals up there will give you some good ideas, but have you tried the "Trip Planner" on this site? It also shows the lakes, fishing and facilities in Tulameen.

Ya I checked trip planner but the thing is I don't really want to go to Tulameen because the fishing around that area sucks. I have been there before the river will be pretty low at this time of year and Otter lake isn't great either. I was hoping maybe other people on the forums know what lakes around would be good, trying not to go too far but we can go further. I have never really fished further then the Vedder other then fising as a kid which wasn't serious. Anyone got other ideas? What about Allion lake/ that area?

Not sure how far is too far but,the lakes in the Thalia group can be ok.They are about 1/2 hour from Tulameen.The roads aren't too nasty but a truck is preferred.

I am stoked we will most likely be doing either the chain of lakes through Manning, or Cathedral Lakes. From what I read both would be excellent. I am leaning towards Cathedral as I read the Cutty fishing in them is impeccable. Could anyone do me a big favour and give me an idea on what I should pick up to actually catch something for once? Example: went to Buntzen yesterday and didn't even get a bite ! Tried spoons, wedding band, worms, power bait, floating, bar set up and even a green gold headed fly! No bites and I went very deep down at the deep end of the lake. I don't want that to happen through a week of camping at these awesome lakes. I know it's bound to happen because I am a noob but I really wanna catch fish for once! I have a spin cast rod not a fly rod. I still use some flies though (not sure how bad an idea that is but I do). What do you think rainbows/cutt throat will bite up there at this time of year? Will they even be out in the summer?

don't be so hard on yourself ! lots of times the fish do not bite no matter what you use.
i have never fished either of the places you mentioned but i did recently read an old report on lightning lakes from this time of the year and the dry fly fishing was fantastic . just dray a tom thumb or something like that around, letting it just float on the surface. even without a fly rod you should be ok. the best day of fishing in my life was dragging a dry fly around at dark with a spin rod. i think cathedral would be similar. possibly mr jeff or someone closer can help you. isn't the road to cathedral pretty rough???? it sure used to but that was many years ago.

hmm okay thanks for the input! Yeah the roads are probably pretty rough but I believe my dad is in a truck so we should be okay if we do go to Cathedral>manning. Dry flys hmm

I thought Cathedral was hike or horse in.Could be wrong,I've never been.

Oh wow I actually have a flat fish, one of the first lures I ever baught, It is plain silver and little over half and inch long. I never use it though.

Yes, Orange ones always work for me

Fishing forum > Where should I go camping to fish?


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