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Author Topic: anyone tried the shuswap river for springs ?

how high is the river? any fish showing?

Answer: no.
Answer: Don't know.

Point: Love to do some river fishing.

you will have to come up at the end of august or september for a day.

Cagey, I see you are trying to come up with some alternate fishing holes too? Does that mean your regular haunts are dry too? I have had my son here for nearly 3 weeks and the only fish he has seen is at the grocery store. What a weird year. Oh well, he only has a few days left here, so I think I will skip out on work today (already worked half the weekend) and go see if we can at least drown some bait...

no chaka. just trying to check on my favourite holes. remember, i am addicted to salmon fishing . i will be dragging you out this year in late august or september. i have all the gear you need.
i was at monte on saturday. constant action for kokanee but they are hard to land. best set-up was a pink spoon, about 3 inches long, with 10 inches of leeder to a wedding ring and pink maggot. the bigger fish, about a pound or more , were down about 25 feet to 30 feet so it only took an ounce of weight to get there. the smaller ones, about 10 inches to 12 inches long, were even closer to the surface. sure was a good dinner !

I would be interested in River fishing.

I wonder if anyone is still catching from shore at Monte. I don't have a way to move my canoe currently, although we have the big boat running now. Waiting on a friend's truck to move that one around. I have never fished from the big boat, as I wanted to get my 7HP motor working to use for trolling. So it is mostly shore fishing for me for now, until I get all the vehicles back to normal.

monte can be good for trout fishing from shore. a lot of people fish from the pullover spot along the hwy. when is your son leaving? maybe we can meet for an evening fish at monte. you can use my boat and i will float. thursday i know would be good but i could get talked into wednesday evening or possibly tuesday evening.

Well his mom is coming to retrieve him on Aug, 2nd. But I think they are staying for the weekend at least. Thursday might be good if I don't get too busy. Thanks for the offer Cagey, that might be my best shot at Kokanee this year. I'll let you know how my week progresses.

i'll plan on being there thursday then. hope you can make it .

Evening or day. I will do my best to work to get this time off. My son is working and studying to get his pleasure craft operator's card right now. I told him if he got it I'd ride "shotgun" once we were out on the lake.

does not matter to me except the evening will be a lot cooler. why not try for 5 or 6 pm. if you get off work earlier that is ok with me.....just say when and i will be there !

It was great to go fishing with you again Cagey, just too bad it was windy for the tube. My kid had a great time and ate one of his Kokanee when he got home. Thanks again.

Now back on topic...what's the deal with Shuswap River, am I going to have to be the first to go and try with my measly little trout rod? That'd be a hoot, imagine landing a 30 LB Spring on a 7' spinning rod originally bought for Walleye fishing...

i gather there are a few fish in the river. got to give it a try next week but really it will be another 2 weeks before things really pick up.

We may go give it a shot today, just to see what's up. Anyone have any advice on specifically where, Kingfisher? What are people using in there? Is it the same stuff those on the lower mainland rivers are using. I do have roe and would please ask that there be no debate about methods and ethics on this thread, like so many others...
Fish'n BC

Drift fishing with bait like roe and shrimp seem to be popular on the lower mainland rivers, but I watched a guy hook two red springs in a row the other day using spinners. I've personaly caught more salmon on spinners than anything else, spinning with small spoons like cohos and little cleos have worked for me also.

You can use spinners and spoons under a float and do a realy slow retreave (if you are concerned with snagging), or use a faster retreave without a float (my preferance). Some added weight will likely be needed at the top of the leader depending on current.

Jig fishing with or without a float is another option (I use it mainly for chum), but be prepared to replace alot if twitching without a float.

Hope that gives you some ideas.

go to the ballpark at kingfisher.
when you walk in , when you get to the river there is a big pool called the "corner hole" . i prefer to go upstream about 200 yards to the "slide hole".
use a slip float with about 12 to 14 ft to your hook and about an ounce of weight (i use 3 inches of pencil lead ) will be needed to get it down in the swift current.
if there are fish hlding in there with the high water they will be behind the big rock at the bottom of the pool.
the other alternative is lumby at shuswap falls. there is a road down to the hydro facilities before you reach /cross the bridge. follow the gravel road down the hill. there is a fence on the right side of the road where everyone parks, just before the road branches to the right to the river. just walk in from where you park and you will find a long pool. there are pools upstream but i would suggest you fish the first one you come to, 75 ft from where you park.......check the regs. they have to be over 77 cm i believe. lumby for sure but possibly enderby too until aug 15th has the big fish only limit.
good luck....will check your method when i get back from hunting !!

Thanks boys and enjoy hunting Cagey. Not sure we are going today, but starting to get in the mindset early, if nothing else. I have 2 rods I have access to that will do. Now I need to go get my salmon stamp.

Fishing forum > anyone tried the shuswap river for springs ?


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