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advice on the technique? going off the bottom? or mid water? speed of the reel in ect.?

thanks for the advice appreciaite it
Fish'n BC

There is an article on this at

I'm sure there are directions on the package too.
I've caught fish mid water, high water ,on bottom using Buzz bombs.They are awesome in my books!!!!

Freshwater? Those that know me know that the bulk of my experience was in the 'chuck primarily fishing salmon. We did use Buzz-Bombs and similar for working the bottom for rock fish etc. I have recently heard of people taking some serious lakers in Kalamalka Lake using this technique in an "undisclosed location". Have any of you guys used Buzz-Bombs in fresh water with any success?
Fish'n BC

LOL I've tried in both lake and river, but I have yet to catch anything on a buzz bomb in fresh water.

The guides on the west coast of the island have you drop a sting zilda (similar action to a buzz bomb)to the bottom, take a couple quick jigs for halibut and then jig your way up through the water column. Sort of a a reel 10 feet, jig, reel ten feet, jig action. Not sure how applicable on the inside strait but it sure worked well on the island as our whole boat limited out.

Yes, I tried it once in a larger interior lake where my fish finder was showing some larger fish in deeper waters. We had 3 fish on our lines withing a few minutes. Two were larger norhern pikenminows and one was a 3 1/2 lb trout . Largest I caught in that lake. I tried it another time in the same lake with no success. Just my two cents.

Fishing forum > buzz bombing salmon


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