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ok so anyone care to share how they do theirs or what products used. my buddy i fish with recently went to the new freds in abby and was sold some crap by the guy there. said its better than procure or plain borax. ya but sam shit doesnt have any eggs in it. domnt know what this is. its just a wad of bright red goo with verry little of any eggs sacks in it. the stuff wont even stay in roa bags at all. had to freeze it to cut in chunks to do that and within a min it was melted and slimed to shit.
i used to do all my own roe but we didnt have the fancy coloured stink stuff out today so ours stayed in nice solid chunks. i literly get 2 casts aqnd its all gone from the bag. waste of money.
this isnt what procured roe is like is it?. i couldnt find any sort of a roe membrane of eggs in it at all. more like single eggs gooed together with red poo chemical slime.
i think the salesman told buddy it was thier own stuff.
Fish'n BC

I've always done my own with borax and a little non-iodized salt & sugar. Rinse spring pink or coho skeins (with river water) if there's blood with it, butterfly and cut them up into about 2" pieces (with scissors), mix it well with the borax/sugar/salt and place it in a bowl in the fridge over night. Then I lay them out to dry on layers of paper towl (in the fridge, usualy over night again) then into a freezer bag and freeze them.
Chum roe is a little different, as I get them only in single eggs with no skein. Some I will cure with the same mixture of borax non-iodized salt and sugar and freeze to be tied into roe bags later, and some I will color and water harden to use as single eggs. (Also make some into caviar, mmmmmm good).

I,ve never used store cures or store bought roe, but I beleive the "pro-cure" is mainly just borax with a colouring agent.
Some people try to cure pre frozen roe, but if the roe is frozen before being cured: the eggs rupture and you end up with a gooie mess just as you described.

thx. similar to me but dont cut in chunks till after or as i use. ill just butterfly the strip so i get 4 strips each fish, then cure and store. and ya always done fresh.

im glad my buddy only bought a small tub of it. going to have to start taking the stuff with me soon when we go fish....more crap to carry

i have used straight borax in the past and more some of the pro-cure as it comes with some different colours including the latest, glo in the dark roe........what next. like chris s said, pro-cure is borax, some dies and some other stuff. i put it in a bottle in the fridge, roll it around once in a while then , if i have time dry it a bit then freeze it. if no time, i just freeze it then when i go to use it i throw in a bunch of borax to dry it out a bit. i never bother to cut it up in chucnks either.........too lazy !!
the crap they sell is often horrible. some outfit in the states sells it to the different shops with the shops name on it. surplus herbies has had the crap the last couple of years. does not last more than one cast even in bags.

ya if i remember right i think he did say it was something pf thier own. doesnt have any brand stuff on tub. just a recycled chinese food container, or worm tub type.

I agree with most of what Chris and Cagey say with a few differrences.I take care NOT to rinse the eggs.It just adds extra moisture and takes longer to tack up before adding borax.If you bleed the fish quickly,blood shouldn't be too bad.I use a spoon to work out the excess blood.Usually, I just use straight borax but sometimes add a bit of salt or sugar to toughen them up.Occasionally I'll add some garlic powder.For roe bags I find it's easier to just buy them.They are really easy to do,it's just getting good singles without clubbing a boot. Also,I disagree about borax and procure being the same.Pro-cure does make a borax cure,but the original stuff is all sulphates and contains no borax.That goop gets on everything anyway.

i feel like washing all this goo off and bringing it back and slap it down on their counter and ask wtf this crap is. hope its bussy top with customers. nothing i hate worse than that crap

As the Manager of Fred's Custom Tackle I will firstly say I am sorry you have had a bad experience with our bait. We do our best to ensure our bait is the best it can be. Unfortunately as with any product of this type regardless of the effort, occasionally you may end up having a bad batch.

Secondly if you ever have a problem with our bait PLEASE let us know and we will exchange it or refund you! It will also give us the chance to inspect the rest of the batch and discard it if need be.

Again sorry for the inconvenience


prunehead, i agree with not washing it. when i keep a female salmon the first thing that comes out and directly into a bag is the roe.
that way it does not get bloody.i do not wash it. a good sack of roe inevitably means more fish so treat it like gold. even when you find decent stuff at stores it is not as good as properly handled roe.
i agree that pro cure makes the diferent kinds. the borax mix is the one i have used a lot but recently i have used the other with all the diferent colours. when i am not in a hurry to look after it i will also use non-iodized salt, brown sugar and some other things in the fridge but it has never impressed me as being much better than simple methods.

for the cost of my friends gas to go and buy the first one, then return it and cost again. it isnt worth the replacement to be honest.,and is why ,most wouldnt bother either.

bout all i can do is post a pic to see if this is how this store bought stuff is suposed to look like or not. ive never used the so called pro cured stuff or other name brand store stuff but i have used tons of roe and made many myself and ive yet to see roe ever look like this...not the colour. i can look past the chemicals and food colourings or whatever it is

from the others reports it sounds like this is a frequent issue
Fish'n BC

Yes I also butterfly the skeins to get four strips before dividing into 2" chunks. I cure it without rinsing when I can, but sometimes blood gets in so then I rinse in river water.

i have nothing against the boraxed stuff. ive done enough to see there isnt any real egg in this and most filler stuff for commercial sales...and im not pointing the finger any who may be like that or has done this.

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