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Was wondering what I should use to catch a spring. I know there are sockeye too right now but you can't keep them. Probably won't bother flossing as it seems kind of unethical to me. But as for them kings what should I use? I really have no idea to be honest. I know I can use Spin n Glows on a bar rig in the Fraser but not the Veddar? Yeah not sure I never tried rivers like this. Thanks :D can't wait to catch some fishies. Probly going to just let them go if I catch them. Every fish makes a difference ya kno :P

if u have time today run across the border and go to daves sporting goods in linden and go get your self dome shrimp pink wool made by the bug shop they love that stuff cant keep them off it u can also use spoon like koho spoon made by gibs silver and blue work good in clear sunny days pink and silver on cloudy days hot pink roe works good as well u could also do somthing new i discover last year it works great i have used pink worms before for steelhead but i had some berkley worms in pearl i tryed that with a orange fish pill on top it works good

Snowcone, what would be the setup to use with the glo bug pink shrimp yarn? WOuld you use a float? or drag it on the bottom? Also, with the yarn, do you just cut off a piece and put it in an eggloop knot on your hook? or is there a special way?
Help would be greatly appreciated.

mm okay. What about at walmart I saw this container of pink marsh mellows that are shrimp flavored. Highlighter pink color. It doesn't say what fish they are for though. What so I can try pretty much any of these methods to catch chinook? What would YOU use? Is it a trial and error thing I guess huh?

aaron those pink marshmallows are mainly for trout, catfish, and carp. No good for chinook!

Hmm okay good thing I didn't buy them haha! Just what I need is more bull head eatin my stuff! Not :P

just need a float, hooks, small weights/split shots, and roe or wool.
went today. saw 3 spring taken and that was it.
like above said go to youtube and search float fishing gear or set up

heres one, says steelhead but its all basicly the same

just have to adjust your float so your junk is dragging about a foot or 2 above the bottom. and enough small weight to keep the line down from the float and not just come to the surface

green or red wool or roe bags

roe is most common. It's like bobber fishing but it drifts down the river. and your hook should be tied with the egg loop so you can attach roe. I use a pencil weight and attach it to.. a swivel with surgical tubing on it (from fishing store). you can use other weights but these are great because if you get snagged for some reason when you pull the weight slides out. your weight should be hovering above the bottom.

im wondering about bar fishing as well but havent seen a single person do it this season in the vedder. it helps to go to popular fishing spots like peach road to see what others are doing.
Fish'n BC

You can soak the wool with some of that "Gulp Alive" in shrimp or roe flavour, available in Canadian Tire or pretty much any sporting good store. Doesn't realy matter how you attach it to the hook, use the bait knot or just tie it around the line at the top. Suggest using a #4/0 barbless hook, you can use a small spin n glo above the bait if you like.
With few exceptions: pretty much everybody is using a float, so follow the links that were provided you. Drift fishing with a float works for all salmon, steelhead and trout in clear rivers.

I think bar fishing is better for migrating salmon on the move (they are coming to you). Once in the Vedder I think they spend alot of time resting in pools, back eddies or sitting in various runs (so you need to go to them). That being said, I understand they shoot through the canal, so I'm wondering if bar fishing the lower canal would produce?
I think they are entering the canal near high tide, so bar fishing the canal would probably be best around that time.
(and you would have that place to, no crowds)

im new...ish to this float thing but lots of bar fishing and where ive been on that river its not realy for bar fishing. to many others floating. but i dont know the whole river.
Fish'n BC

Ya I'm new to the Vedder myself, plan to get out there midweek to give it a try. Did a lot of short floating on the Stave last fall, lots of fun and excersize bringing in a salmon on almost every cast (mostly chum with the odd coho). Not manny keepers though, got about one chrome for every fifty or sixty salmon I caught there (plus the coho). Way more keepers in Nicomen slough (and less people).

Will be trying something different for bait on the Vedder, so see how it goes. So manny places to fish there...where do you start??????

i got spring on the upper 2 days ago now if u can get in to some spots up there good luck

Was at the Vedder from 6am-1pm today and didn't even get a bite, Was 3 of us fishing. I mostly was trying out different spin n glows but it seems no one was catching diddly squat today. Was mostly around the upper I think (couple KM before the prison). At 6am I saw a big dark colored fish in the river slowly making it's way up but that was it for fish action. Snag city with the rapids right now. Pretty well need to use a boulder for my bar set up if I want it to set on the bottum lol. Tried floating too. From what the random people there said It just wasn't a great day, one guy said he will catch a sockeye in the next 5 casts garanteed and that he caught 15 yesterday, We watched him go to his truck and leave after 10 casts hahaha

ya we went for a while again to and was absolutly dead.
Fish'n BC

How far up the river did you go G.A.?

I also tried other spots too. We worked our way down found a nice private pool area. Had to use our up-to-arm-pits wadders :P. There was no sight of fish D:

Seems to me if I want action I should stick with the tidal Fraser :P

we went to peach rd again. yesterday went down a bit and nothing and today went up some and was same. didnt see anyone get anything today anywhere.
my feeling is its to early yet. i know theres this early run but i dont think its big enough concidering the vedder is the end of the line for them and im kind of thinking its early yet. around peach i find its to fast right now to for float.
thats why ive not gone to far up river. but then ive heard others say they got them up more...but ive not seen them i kinda stick to what ive seen and not heard so much.

Saw springs and sockeye being caught above Tamahi bridge today, lower river was dead though.

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