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Booooyaaa got me a spring one the veder today very exciting day first one on the fly this season

is the water still high and fast?? and where on the vedd were you fishing

water is still fast the level is going down mm by mm lol and if i told u were i was fishing i would have to kill ya

nice pic

thanks i edited it on photo buket

hahaha well i think i can take my chances but i under stand was it lower ved or higher thats what i was wondering lol

lol upper i also got a sockey lol realy fast if u are spay fishing use 650 grain full sink its really fast right now
Fish'n BC

Good one SnowCone!

thanks i love springs on the spey its like a freight train on your line if u want a reall thrill springs on the fly on the thopsan than frivking awsoe

will u be spey fishing for salmon
send me an email at and i can give u some tips just tel me what u are gring for gear

why not just share with others here?. dont have to just would be nice to see as much helpfull advice on here for diff types of fishing than passing it all along privatly. kinda what these places are for...and again. dont have to. i know id like to see some info, its new to me as well

ok here we go if u guys ar fishing for trout on the fly i would recomend a 6 or a 5 weight and fish nyphs i will post some pics here after and if they dont work just go with the standerd wolly bugger on a sink tip u could also use an egg pattern under an indicator make shuer it is a heavaly weighted one u can also use rolled muddlers on your way up there when u see the indian band office pull in there and fish the creek and that strech of the thopsan its great fishing with nyphs if u are spinner fishing for them blue fox in sizes 0 or 1 in color pink blue gold silver orange purple and fire tiger if u can fins it also rooster tails work well small crank baits like little rainbow trout ones or fire tiger work good to and if those dont work try a sliding float set at like 5 feet with some row or some garlic shrimp there arent to many salmon in the systom yet there might be the odd but spoons and spinners work good roe cuerd in like bright orange and hot pink if the water dirty and dark red and puerple for cleer water i find work good if u are spaey fishing u want big flys it the beginig of the season so the fish will be agressive if any of u want i can tie some flie for there and sell them in like a set if u please i think for like 10 flies for like 7:50 or 15 for 9:50 or 75 cents a peice but for salmon and steelhead fly they are 1:50 each

just send me a text at 778-878-2592 for pics of fly or u can email me at

thx for that

welcome what kind of fishing will u be doing on the thopsan

i dont expect to be on the thompson. to many places closer im still enjoying for now

if u ever get in to spey fishing i can tie u some and if u want i can sell u some of my hand tied trout flie that i persanly use just send me an email at they are 80 cents a peace i can also send u some pics

Fishing forum > woooooooooooohoooooooooooo got a spring


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