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hey guys i was wondering when is the best time to start bar fishing

what should i use to bar fish havent done it before

will my rod handle it i have a fenwick canadian method 11foot and a shimano cardiff reel will 50lbs test

where is good to go by langley??

see abe's post which i bumped up for you.

thanks cagey i forgot about this post i remember reading it last year.
Fish'n BC

Unless you have a river worthy boat, you may have to wait another couple weeks to bar fish. Around Langley; the "Derby Reach Park Bar" 49'12.59N 122'37.20W is best. Coho and steelhead in fall and winter, chinook in the summer and fall. You only need about a 4 oz weight most of the year there, but probably closer to 8 oz right now with the high water. 30 lb or greater test main line is fine, so the 50 lb you have is good. Bar rods are usualy between 10' and 12 ', so your rod legnth is good also and should be able to handle the weight needed there.

Abe's post shows you the set up, but you may also want; a comfy chair, bar rod holder, bell, refreshments and a good book or

Other local spots are "langley marine park bar", "nathan creek bar", "two bit Bar", and a little further is "Duncan Bar" which is one of the better bars.
Fish'n BC

I hope the lower Fraser River fishing bars get added to the "Fishing Spots" on the new site...

new site???
Fish'n BC

The owner of is suposedly in the process of making a number of updates and improvements to this site.

the owner said he may have a sharphooks party for a few members to introduce it. if/when it happens i would like the two of you to be present. will let you know if/when i hear more.
the moderator

oh ok..i saw a while back mention of new stuff, didnt realize it might be a whole new could use a shake up here from this style of postings. makes it hard to search old posts. would be nice to have a reg format like others with headings and catagories and worthy info pinned or stickied to always be on top.

the last part...2 of us?...who 2 of us?..dam do i have to buy a new dress for the party?
ya would be nice to hear of any new updates on this.

ABSOLUTELY NO DRESSES ALLOWED ! you are too big for a dress for an occasion like that anyway!!! i meant you and chris s for the eventual tri-out (i thought it ws obvious) as both of you have had many suggestions, seem to have some understanding of technology and plain contribute a hell of a lot on here so, if/when it happens, if i am still hanging tough as the moderator, will be recommending you to attend and then report back to us all.
hope you both agree at the time. and hopefully it is fairly soon!
the moderator

ChrisS isnt there a band on bar fishing on parts of the fraser river by langley???a guy at my work told me that today and so i thought id ask about that and well i tried to google it but never found out much info about the bands on bar fishing

when does the water on the fraser usually drop and is it worth trying to bar fish now with the water so high?

another thing is how shallow should the river be before i start fishing there
Fish'n BC

There are no bands on barfishing in effect, if there was it would be either listed in the BC tidal sport fishing guide or a DFO fisheries notice.

The high water mainly affects shore access to fishing bars, there is little or no place to fish from shore right now. The high water also brings alot of mud and debris which lowers the water visibility: making it harder for fish to see a lure. However bar fishing relies more on viabration from a spin n glo or spinner with added scent from roe or shrimp then from visability. People with "mobile bars" (river boats) are reporting pretty good chinook catches in the Fraser.

Water levels and duration vary from year to year, you just have to keep checking or contact one of the sites that provide river level updates. Fred's Custom Tackle in Abbotsford and Chilliwack are good for that.

As soon as you can access enough of a bar to be able to cast and move up and down the shore, you can
fish effectively.

Jack springs (under 10 lbs) like to follow close to the shoreline in relatively shallow water, you can barfish for them with smaller (#4) spin n glo's, but I prefer to spincast for them with spoons. Like G.A. said the big chinook prefer deeper and faster parts of the river, and large(#0)spin n glo's. The darker spin n glo's reportedly work better in muddy water, so I would start with them.

what kind of spoons would i use for jack springs??? and can i fish them now??
Fish'n BC

Koho spoons are good for Jack springs in dirty water. They are coated with silver instead of chrome, the silver shows up better with a flash where the chrome shows up more black.

Mid Aug. 'til Oct. is good for jack springs, visability is too poor right now for spoons. I'd bar fish for them with scented #4 UV spin n glo's 'til then. Both springs I caught spinning on the (shallow) "mission bridge bar" last sept were Jacks around 8-9 lbs. Also saw a few others catch them on spinning gear there, but the bar fishermen did well too.
Fish'n BC

I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a bar rod, remember once you make your cast it kind of just sits there anyway. I went to Bell's in Mission the other day and got a 10' Okuma Blue Diamond bar rod for my wife for $60. It's rated for 2-8oz, but I was casting 10oz with no problem. They have a 12' version with an even higher weight rating.

Check out the new Fred's Custom Tackle store on south fraser way in Abbotsford as well. They had some good prices on rods when I was in there.

(It's near to and on the same side as the Canadian Tire)

ive had similar feeling at hubs. to bussy to give solid advice or have the time to. i think those guys in that shop are more into the hunting as ive talked a long time about the hunt with them. seems they will stand n talk more about that than fishing...who knows, just an observation when ive been there. its to small for how bussy it is

my salmon gear is an Okuma Celio 10 foot 6 rod, says H me its fast action, whatever h means...heavy? doesnt make sence its fast or slow for action..anyways.....rated 15-30 pounds and an ambasador 6500c3, sweden model. got it at hbs all for about 300 i think.
didnt buy it till end of season so got to use it 2 or 3 times only but it brought it a fair number of nice sized spring last year. ancy to get back out there...and i abused it bottom bouncing and stood up to it

dam it mod..this dress was lookin good to. ok maybe ill just brush my tooth this time for the
Fish'n BC

Fast action means it bends more at the tip and less at the middle...makes the tip and lure move faster with rod motion. Slow action means it bends more at the middle or more evenly through the rod, so the force on the rod will act at bending the whole rod before moving the tip and lure (or fish).
It is alot harder to hold a big fish on a fast action then a slow action, because the fish has more leverage advantage. But you will need the fast action to get a heavy weight out there.

Light to Heavy has more to do with rod stregnth and thickness (bendability). Not sure why your rod would say Heavy action, doesn't make sence to me either. Unless the "H" stands for something else like "High" action as aposed to "low" action or something?

A M-H (medium heavy) rod would have medium action and handle heavy fishing loads.

ya i knew what the action being fast meant. its the other makes no sence....and im to lazzy at the monent to use google,

ya im looking at my sturg rod and its also okuma and has the MH on it for the med/heavy

the numbers are funny for what i put it through...

AV-1202MH-80a, 12 foot, 12-40 pounds,

12oz is the smallest ive used on it. up to 18 last season with it
Fish'n BC

I think Okuma is conservative on their numbers, like I said earlier we were also using much heavier weights than they're rated for and the rod seems fine with it.

i have the Okuma Celio in a 9'6 spinning rod for coho's for the cap and smaller rivers and it hasnt let me down yet and i have caught some nice fish on it and its still running strong

All of the Shimano Technium's at freds are standard price of $149.99... crazy!

just fished infront of the campground and at mission bridge. need a 10 oz to keep it down! barely fishable as the water just came off gthe parking lot.

thx, was going to venture out but think ill wait still.

hey chris where is two bit bar i keep hereing about it but couldnt find it ???
Fish'n BC

Two Bit Bar is at the end of 272 street (49'10.12N 122'28.23W).

I went over to fish Mission bar today around noon, but it was surrounded with log jams. So I went over to mission bridge bar and cast a bar rig out there for a couple hours. Used 8 oz which was more than enough. Remember to cast upriver, because by the time the weight settles it will have drifted out in front or even slightly down from you.

Hooked on the bell and sat back in my chair to relax. Was a couple seals swimming and barking just infront and a number of geese walking and swimming around, a few people picknicking or wandering around the park and the weather was great. Got a good bell ringing strike after an hour, but it didn't stay on long, possibly because the rig was a little tangled (or that could have happened after). The river deposited alot of fine sand in the parking and camping area that hasn't been cleaned up yet, and the gates are still closed so you have to walk in.

And that's all I have to say about that
Fish'n BC

Ok then;
UV green top silver body #0 spin n glo with chum roe soaked in gulp alive shrimp scent and 6/0 hook (2 beads between hook and spin n glo). Was there just past low slack for a couple hours and only the one salmon hit after an hour. Middle of campground, will likely have more action starting in about 2 weeks

Oh and I ended up increasing the stregnth of the line from the spreader bar to the weight to 30
Fish'n BC

Sounds like you're set. Do you have a bar rod holder and clip on bell? (you can't stare at the tip all the
Fish'n BC

Heck ya for sure! All the sporting stores sell the clip on bells, even walmart. But get the cowbell style, not the round one. Clip it on the base of third eye from the bottom, maybe tye some orange flagging ribbon to it so you don't loose it when you set the hook and it goes

That's great if you can make your rod holder, the vertical ones are used more for chinook and sturgeon, while the relatively horizontal ones are used more for coho and chum (Oct and Nov)...may as well make one of each while you are at it.

well i have been out 3 times in the past week or so and and hook ups but no landing i tried at Derby Reach hooked up twice had some good hits but came up dry and then a few days later i fished the sand bar down the road from there some good hits but nothing and i have been using 8oz weights dark pink or dark orange and dark green spin n glo's i tried the uv green and crome got nothing and then just curred roe oh and if any one finds a green bottle of lunker lotion floating down the river its mine lmao i had it in my lap had a hit got up fast and i look down and there it is gone F**K lol

GREAT topic guys. I'm having a blast reading about your set ups and what not. I am planning to borra a friends gear for the rest of summer and hitting the old salmon. I was wondering if I could fish the mission bridge as it is 5 minutes from my house.... Hopefully I get some good results... keep me posted! I've never been before so this is VALUABLE information

good to know!!! Jus have to walk up the bank for a few minutes it looks like
Fish'n BC

I tried that, lol. Even in low water that isn't possible, but there are a few spots a few minutes drive upriver...the most popular being the walter street(ridgedale)bar. Was up there a couple days ago and even though it is still under water; you could cast from the boat launch at the end of the road.

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