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Yup that's the only way to do it. Tidal waters are federaly regulated and non tidal waters are provincialy regulated. I always get both licences and tags, the tidal ones are alot cheeper and you don't need tags for sturgeon or steelhead. The Fraser is considered tidal up to the Mission railway bridge.

realy steelies are inc to..knew sturg was but didnt know, thx. now where on the lower is decent stleey

and yes GF you do need the sturg tag for non tidal...another 27 bucks
Fish'n BC

GF- you don't need a sturgeon tag for tidal fraser and there's lots of places to fish for tidal sturgeon...that's why I only fish sturgeon below the Mission railway bridge.

GA- The Mission Bar and Mission Bridge Bar are both good for summer-fall steelies. Duncan and Ruskin Bars have the fall-winter steelies.

thx...just have to find where those not to familiar with all the names of the sure common sence to from them names
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Ruskin Bar is on the west side of the Stave River mouth, Mission Bar is at the Landale Slough mouth (I sneek in through the new industrial complex by silverdale creek ), Mission bridge Bar is in front of the camping area below the south side of the Mission Hwy bridge, Duncan Bar is on the south side of the fraser river oposite silvermere lake (you can see it from Ruskin Bar).

G.A., you know of anyone that fishes for chinook from the platform where you fish for sturgeon? I was eyeing it up the other day after touring all the local tidal and non tidal bars still under water.

ok i know those places. never knew the names was all.

and no, only fishing ive seen done onour slab is sturg and whatever little bait fish are down there and maybe trout. not seen anything but sturg cought there in the 2 years ive used that spot. maybe the other side in the lower end by camping area. i see alot bar fish down that end..possible spot for springs maybe.
Fish'n BC

Ya, that's the mission bridge bar...I caught a couple springs, couple chum, about 60 coho, 90 pinks and a very confused sockeye while spincasting there last fall...awesome fishery, but it's all under water right now. There's a little spot right under the bridge that's above water, guess I'll try barfishing there for now.

Tried barfishing the mission bridge bar with roe last year and got two bullheads. Tyed up some chum roe this morning...hopefuly I will get something better than bullheads while barfishing for chinook this summer.

i hit my spot again today and got 2 more sturg.
i was over last year doing the pinks but i must suck at it cause didnt do well at all on that side of the water for
Fish'n BC

Way to go with the sturgeon!
I'll have to give you some of the "secret" lures I make for pink and coho, people kept coming up to see what I was using but seemed disapointed that it wasn't something they could buy in the store. A little innovation can prove wonders...

id be into trying. was down on my dock other night and met some younger guys that gave me n buddy a couple lures for steelies. want to hit them more this year, been way to long since i hit them....guy called em hammer time jigs...a blood tail. never used them tempted to try for a spring now off the dock. me n buddy talked about it last night and i do see them slap their tails above the surface now n than...saw one last night in fact. ive just never realy tried for anything but sturg from there.
Fish'n BC

Well, springs are not alot different than sturgeon really. In fact if you use lots of roe with a spin n glo you may still get a in effect with a good set up you could fish for both at the same time. I'm tempted to try for springs there myself. Would like to see that steelie lure you got sometime.

gimme a min here and ill snap a pic/. looks nice. said he`d give a deal if i bou8ght some. look decent quality and nice hook..barbed though, not sure what an average retail on them are but was told about 6 to 7 bucks each..i thought that was way to much., his cost he told me is about what id expect to pay retail...3 to 4 bucks. to me no lure is worth more than that no matter how hot it is.
brb with a pic....

and ive yet to have any luck with roe for sturg..always oolies. to early for roe to me. not till fall id use it when more roe is in the river. from the dock anyways...out in bait may be diff but i havent seen any cought here on roe in the 2 years ive used that spot. but im sure theres a possibility it may happen.
so i tossed in a lighter for size reff. its a reg sized lighter not them tiny ones


and i wont be able to go for spring till mid next week. need to get my tag still for them. but i will be trying it there.
Fish'n BC

Thanks G.A., looks similar to the pink jigs I was using for chum, but the red tail highlights certainly add life to it.

Late last Aug I was watching a couple plunking from a boat near Mission Bar (north side of the river) while I was spincasting from shore. They brought in two springs and two sturgeon on roe while I was watching. I agree it is still a bit early to use roe for sturgeon, but the potential is there.

Do you find sturgeon feeding here influenced at all by tides? Never paid much attention to it before now.

ive been trying to look at a bunch of different habbits of thiers to dial this in. tides is one of them. some days it seems to be accurate then others not at all. one thing over past few weeks ive seen is the tiny bites we get tells me they are there and wont give up till they feed,. may take hour or more of playing with it and making us jump for the bell but i always eventlualy nail it, some days faster some slower. they are a flayfull creature. they are like deer and so on being creatures of habitt, they know this hole has food and always return if hungry.
my luck seems to be from about 10 to noon and then 2 till 4 in afternoon. lots of actin in evenings but just not taking it. just lots of foreplay

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