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Have heard of a number of people trying to fix leaking aluminum boats with roofing tar etc. Sealants don't work well, they sometimes slow a leak down, but they leave an ugly mess and the leaks eventualy come back anyway.

Here's a simple solution that we use to fix leaking boats:

Firstly; put your fully loaded boat in the water while it is dry, circle all the leaking rivets and spots near leaking rivets with a felt marker. If you use a gas motor, it should be running when doing this as the viabration makes leaks show up better.

Secondly; I went down to Canadian Tire and got one of those cheep Mastercraft auto hammers (used for hammering nails in tight spaces where you can't swing a hammer). You will also need a bucking bar (we used a short sledge hammer).

Thirdly: with the boat back on the trailer (or upright if you don't have a trailer), get someone to hold the bucking bar tightly against the outside of each leaking rivet (or rivets each side of a leaking spot). Reset the rivets from the inside of the boat with the auto hammer (using short bursts). You need some good comunication to make sure you are both on the same rivet! Don't overdo it, just a little at a time and repeat if still leaking.

Using this method; the boat still looks "mint" and we have never had a leak come back.

I used that 'Flex Seal' stuff they have on TV for my 40+ year old aluminum duck punt. You can get it at the "As seen on TV" stores. Bought two cans at $20 each and the leaks are completely gone and my boat was BADLY leaking before this, having to bail out every 15 minutes or get your feet wet....

I agree that hammering rivets works and have used that method before, however my boat had some star cracks radiating out from the rivets and hammering them would only make the problem worse

Re riveting is the best choise forsure, however I used gluvit and jb weld in areas about a year ago and its holding great still

you could also get some eternabond tape. That stuff sticks to everything except silicone based products.

Fishing forum > DIY fixing aluminum boat leaks


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