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I know it isn't open till july 16 but when will you start to run into them, around canoe pass ladner all the way through to where it meets the ocean
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They are starting to come up the fraser now in good numbers, a couple days ago the test net at Whonnok reported 18 chinook and 68 sockeye.

You guys know if the fraser is low enough to walk down the scale bar on the 16th?

Doubt it was out on the weekend was extremely extremely high and fast

ya doubt will be till mid august sometime. it has dropped alot but not near enough yet.

What about the tidal Fraser down bye New Westminster? Do you think that come the 16th I could fish for Springs with my Bar/spin n glo set up? The tide gets decently low come low tide.
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Anywhere you can find a place to cast from shore you can use your rig, the "Rock Pile Bar" is probably your best bet. It helps if you can move up and down the shore (snag free) when you hook a spring, otherwise you are in for a real fight. The incoming tide is best for salmon, because they ride the tide up the lower river.

Also: you should bait your hook with roe in addition to the Spin n Glo, because I'm not sure you will get alot of spinning action in that area.

will there be a decent amount in canoe pass? i know it isnt technically fraser but is a branch right off or whatever, jsut close and convenient for me to go there
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I don't know much about Canoe Passage, but if you check with a local sporting goods store: they might know something.

Fricken Eh man! I will hit up the rock pile bar along the dyke road. Oh and I will try to get some roe too.. Was just going to put the tip of a worm on the hook and rub the dirt/worm on the spin n glo for sent

Can someone tell me where the Rock Pile Bar is coming from Vancouver?

Basically it's this area of the river on the map on this link,-122.969681&spn=0.00594,0.016512&t=m&z=17
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If you are coming from Vancouver, one of the better known bars is Dump Bar near the south end of No.7 road. Also, Brownsville Bar on the south side of the Pattullo bridge is a better spot to go.

The fish going through right now are from the Early Stuart run. I think the fisheries want the major bulk of these to go through before they open the river . I hope the numbers stay up and we get a suprise return of sockeye like in Washington state or the Nass river did
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Here's a barfishing link that shows some of the lower fraser river bars including Cadet and Rockpile in your area; Episode 18 Lower Fraser Bar Fishing

Brownsville Bar is considered by many to be one of the best fishing locations on the fraser river: 49'12.19N 122'53.86W
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If we get a sockeye opening and you want to try bar fishing for them;

Use a #4 UV green top silver body Spin n Glo with Two #2/0 barbless hooks spaced 1 1/2" apart. The Hook/s need to be baited with prawn, tail end first with head removed. If you use anything else, they won't bite...that's probably why bar fishermen here haven't had much luck for them in the past.
The water should be between 8' and 14' deep where your rig is, they tend to follow this column up the river.

Essentially I can use a similar setup for chinook too right? Spin n Glo bar set up accept a bigger one?
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Yes it would work for chinook and summer steelhead too, that's why you would want to use line weights that would be good for never know what might take it.

was at the rock pile accept another 1-2km down river road fishing today for a couple hours with a bar set up and worm, caught lots of 3 white fish, lots got off. and 1 bullhead. Buddy there said he catches trout with roe and a bar set up too :o
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Yup, roe is the bait to use there in the fall (Aug through Dec) for trout also, except when there is a bait ban (usualy around Sept).

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