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Bullhead catfish, white fish, trout? I hear bullhead are actually edible good tasting fish. Same with white fish I hear you can eat them? Is the river clean enough down here In New West?
Fish'n BC

True whitefish you can eat, but I think you are calling northern pikeminnow or peamouth chub whitefish: which don't make for good tablefare. The trout are very edible, nothing to worrey about with the water there (though I wouldn't drink it, lol). Catfish and bullheads...I think maybe MrGrey1 eats those things???? Never tried them myself.
Fish'n BC

Naaah...I get plenty of those bullhead things when bar fishing. And yes, that's how most people hook fish...when they bite the Never suggested you flossed for them or anything.

So you eat them Gray? How are they? Do you eat the ones from the Fraser? I will try one next time I catch a 7inch-1foot one cuz those seem to be the biggest they get.

I would never think of eating any species of fish who's primary residence is the lower fraser! I eat the lower fraser salmon because they're just returning from the ocean, but anything else (unless its a sea run cutthroat) gets put back. The lower fraser is a toilet bowl man! Where do you think the sewage from many municipalities located along the Fraser goes? Yes - into the Fraser! Not to mention all the herbicides and pesticide runoff from all the farms, and whatever other chemicals/metals from industry get dumped into our precious river. But hey, that's just me!

WOW how old are you DumbTruck 2 ? every where you go on here you are starting shit......So MrG1 has an opinion , the other dude antagonizes him and you thin MrG1 starts it ???

I know you guys get a kick out of doing this and ruining a site that could be good. Is it because your corperation and playing in the mud keeps you so entertained??Or is it because on your free time your so angry at life you need to spread the hostility around . YOU DONT MEASURE UP !!! GO AWAY . You hide behind a computer !!!! LOL

watch it spooner or your posts will be totally deleted, not just the name calling.
the moderator
Fish'n BC

Spooner- which part of MrGrey1's post is an opinion? I guess he didn't like the question I posed jokingly, so he responded with immature drivel. I thought he might be able to add some insite into the topic, seems how he went out of his way to pose with pictures of bullheads he caught.
Also, I don't think the nature of your attack on Dumptruck17 was called for. He actually had both an opinion and point here. It's not worth carrying your anger all over this site simply because he made a negative comment about a fish you posted a photo of. Correct him diplomaticaly if he is mistaken and leave it at that.

holly surprised any have time to fish with all the time looking for drama to stir. same ones time after time...Hmmm...wonder why, chill out and go fish for "f" sakes
Fish'n BC

Right on G.A. !

Now back to the topic of this some people seem to forget that the fraser is a river, not a lake. The fraser is constantly being flushed at about 10,000 cubic meters a second, any impurities getting into the lower river gets flushed out with both tidal and river flow flushing action. Where local lakes accumilate the toxins such as pesticides etc being washed into them, rivers have the advantage of constant water replenishment.
I wouldn't be too concerned with resident fish, and certainly not any concerns with migratory fish.

nice to see everyone still getting along on here

Yes Abe it has been a real Midol ad. Those of us that don't wear panties are just waiting for it to blow over. Glad to see you are still around...

people worry about eating fish from the river but they all buy gmo food at stuff. ive eaten them for 47 years now and i have an illness that i have tobe carefull what i put in me and hasnt causes the slightest issue in my 47 years. crossing the street to go to safeway to buy the gmo food has killed more people than eating fish from any river./ but yet we all do it

chaka: ya i still creep on here now and then, last time i was very active on here it was just a big 007beak fest. im sure you remember.
GA: i hear you not to mention all the guys eating these pellet pig franken fish in our local ponds.
and sorry to here about your illness i hope your better soon.

i wont be getting better, its terminal. not looking for the feel sorry stuff was just to show that even most of us that have to be carefull are fine with eating the rivers fish. but ill eat something at safeway and end up in sick, go figure

abe, come on back on a regular basis.
we are doing well at getting rid of the trolls. we all appreciate your imput here.

Welcome back Abeā€¦.missed your insights and useful postings.

Fishing forum > Would you eat fish from the fraser?


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