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Author Topic: Weird creature at Browning lake.

I was fishing at browning lake today and I found this creature floating/swimming/dying in the water. It looks really weird and looks to be amphibious as it looked like it had gills. It swims like a snake and has 4 legs and a tail and a rather large head. It looks like a lizard ? But I don't know what it is. Does anyone recognize this?

You didn't say what size or colour , but I'll guess salamander.If it's under 2", I'd say damselfly
Fish'n BC

Sounds like a tadpole transforming into a frog, it would eventualy lose the tail and fill in the body.


^ thought i'd recognised you, europuma
ha you're smaller than you look in pictures
big bag of rainbows you had there, and i saw you drop one in the parking lot as i walked past you. good days fishing eh

Sorry guys i havent had the time to post pictures. They will be up0 tommorow as i am going to oregon to buy a new boat.

My guess is a salamander. Some salamanders remain aquatic and keep their gills. Some get to a good size.

Fishing forum > Weird creature at Browning lake.


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