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Author Topic: It's 4th July and it's Fishing Osprey Lake Day

From Dawn till Dusk and I don't care if I catch any Fish, or if it rains, or the wind blows, it could even snow.

If I don't return I know my fellow anglers will leave me there.

And if I have the best day ever, should I share it with you.

Answers not needed, just watch this space.....

did you take steroids or something. never heard you so pumped up!!! hope you have a great day!

Well it was a great day (not), and we caught loads of fish (I don't think so), they were a good size (anglers are allowed some exaggeration).

Well the day was more about my fishing buddy who would fish on the longest day for the most daylight hours. He missed out last year because of the weather and this year another event intervened in his plan. I wanted to make this a good day for him but in the event the weather could have been better, the fish were small and went to bed too early in the day. We gave up after 8pm and pondered the day.

Reasons, late season due to the weather, ice fishing has raped the lake, just a bad day, perhaps hatchery fish just are not that good anymore to stock lakes with.

Your opinions here would be appreciated.

you'd taken too many steroids!
one member said osprey was a total waste of time on the may long weekend while another said it was lights out. i guess that is why they call it fishing rather than catching.
in general fish are not active it seems when a cold front comes through. we had some in the north of the okanagan lately where the fishing has just died.......and stayed dead ! the present weather should help get them biting again.

At least I should have taken an aspirin cagey and thanks for the tip. I wish to learn more about how weather affects fish behavior, perhaps I will open a new topic.

My fear is that the weather will change suddenly, as it did last year, and it will be too hot for fish in a short while. Maybe this is for the interior only but this is what happened last year.

Still enjoyed my day in spite of my report. Great drive back plenty of deer and even a bear.

ten days of hot weather and the fishing will get tough up here for sure. that is when you need to get out the dry flies at dark on those higher lakes. in the mean time we need the high pressure area to build up to get them biting. right now, believe it or not, i had to come in as it is pouring rain in turtle valley. i thought they said today was the first of seven days of sunshine and it is raining by noon. forget those fishing boats, i am building something sea worthy in case we get washed down to vancouver !!!hope it is sunny tommorrow as i will be jigging for kokanee in monte lk in my float tube!

And I am off to Garnet, above Summerland.

Thanks, once again for the advice.

Thinks! Now I have to add a barometer to my fishing kit.

Have a great day fishing, TL's and all.

And maybe I'll see you float by my house if the Sun continues to fall.

I would be interested in what you were using and where on the lake you found fish dumptruck17. (Sorry if you answered this in your topic already)

We were both trolling flies, everything, chironomids, buggers, black fly, leech, and avoided the heavily weeded areas, which may have been part of the problem.

@ DT -Some people just enjoy the experience of being out there fishing . Sorry your so negative .Maybe thats the problem, fish are sensitive creatures .........or maybe FLAT FISH weren't working !!!!! LOL
I'd like to know the guy who was catching 3-4 pounders all day too, maybe I'd listen and could learn something !!!
What a peach........
This fish was about average with us, and yes there were a lot of them

I think it has more to do with large numbers of people hammering a fairly small lake 12 months of the year than negativity lol. The fish simply don't have any time to grow big.

Couldn't believe how many people were out on the lake when it was nice out, running over each others lines, saw one girl out there even cut her own line off with a cigarette....its a good thing she was trolling a bobber lmao!

Why ILLEGAL anyway ? Not sure if you know where i fish or you might have some pictures on here !!!!!!

Those rocks are on a lake,so when you know forsure where I'm fishing enjoy.It's paradise . (ASS,U,ME)accept I'm not assuming ahhh you get it, you seem to do that alot .But think what you want, YOUR the guy missing out !!!!
Here's another illegal cutty for ya LOL

Nice parting shot, your not worth the time or the energy.
You look and act like a Rhodes scholar my good man !!!!!

What the toilet seat has this to do with Osprey Lake. If you guys want to fight start your own topic, and keep off my patch. Have manners both of you please.

dt - check your first reply to spooner. And I do appreciate your input to my day at Osprey.

My appologies Mrjeff .... Your sir are correct!!!!

Fishing forum > It's 4th July and it's Fishing Osprey Lake Day


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