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Hey, I am thinking about hitting the fraser sometime after july 16 when spring salmon opens up, just looking for advice, I only got a 12 footer with a 15 hp, cnt go to far, and I dnt got a dwn rigger, so I was thinking bar fishing, but what to use for bait/lure aswell can anyone point me in the direction of a good spot on the fraser? Thanks a lot for your time
Fish'n BC

The map of the fraser river by fish-n-map co. will give you all the spots. Use a spin n' glow with a couple beads below it and bait the hook with roe. Type in "bar rig" to see the posting by "abe" for set up. Need a good river anchor. I'll probably be out there on the 16th myself. Good luck.

depends what style fishing your after also...can do as suggested with bar rigs or can still semi bounce out in a boat and do well also.
you looking for upper or lower end of fraser

Upper like chilliwack or aggasiz

I was using a 3 ounce ball weight on my bar rig last year an that worked okay for lower fraser
Fish'n BC

I use 4 oz pyramid weights below the mission bridge, but up there you would be looking at 12-16 oz flat bar weights.

May need to add a couple oz's to those while river is this high.

im thinking there wont be any axcess to many bars to fish for a while yet with the water high. get a decent anchor and im sure youll see some boats out there. probably be the way to go till the waters down.

heres some write up i found on another site, or how to site..

The Terminal Tackle

Spreader Bars: These come in many different sizes. Anything between 6 and 10 inches will work just fine. Tie on about 6 inches of 40-50lb test line to the bottom of the spreader bar and attach a clip to the end. This is where your weight will be connected.

Leader: It’s a good idea to use very thick and not so flexible line for leaders to allow the spin n’ glows to spin well. Limp line flexes in the water and impedes the spinning of the lure. Also, Chinooks have very sharp teeth and thin line will be easily sliced or frayed. Maxima at around 60 lb test seems to work well but there are a lot of options so look around for what works for you. The average leader length is normally 1-4 feet long depending on the depth and type of water being fished.

Spin n’ Glows: Like everything else there are many different types, shapes, sizes and colors of spin n’ glows. They also come with different styles of wings – mainly Mylar and rubber. The options are endless but we suggest starting off with a few red top chrome bodies, a few green top chrome bodies, a few yellow top chrome bodies, and a few orange top chrome bodies; all in sizes single O and double OO and with Mylar wings. Other good colors are yellow body with red or orange spots, metallic blue, green with black stripes, and red or orange top with a green body. All of these will produce fish but some will work better than others at any given time so play with them and see which works best for you – you will soon develop your own favourites.

*A tip when choosing which spin n’ glow to go with is to use bigger sizes and darker colours when water visibility is poor. In dirty water choose the OO since they make a lot of noise and vibration while spinning. Another low visibility trick is to poke a few holes in the spin n’ glows wings and/or drill the center of the spin n’ glow on a lopsided angle – these allow the spin n’ glow to generate a lot more vibration and noise and will therefore help to get the Chinooks attention in low visibility water. During light water conditions use a light colour spin n’ glow.
Weights: Weight size will depend on the speed and bottom structure of the water you have chosen to fish. You need a weight size that will just hold the setup from moving away with the current … too small and it will not hold … too big and you will hang up and cause you troubles fighting a fish. On the Fraser River’s fast moving water 18–22 oz of weight may be required to hold your gear put. On the other hand, slower water, or water with big structure to help hold the weight in place, may only require 12–16 oz of weight. You will need to experiment until you find the right weight for the job at the time.
Fish'n BC

Good post G.A.

Chrisc54 - I remember talking to someone using a 3 oz ball weight while bar fishing for coho near to the Mission bridge last fall, might that have been you?
I wasn't having much luck spinning for coho that day (very unusual), so wandered over to see how the bar-fishermen were doing.

No it wasn't haven't fished that area before

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