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This may seem like a stupid of obvious question, and maybe it is, but here it goes...

When you guys are storing your fly rod, what do you do to secure your tippet/leader? I have a couple ideas, but want to know what others do before stuffing it back in the bag.

Valid question chak, this is what I do.

For long term storage, snip off the fly and leave the leader wrapped around the reel.

For short term and quick reuse, put the fly on the keeper, and carefully take the rod apart and wind up the slack before putting it in the case.

If you have the space and use the gear often, leave the rod assembled and leave the fly in the keeper, just take up the slack in the line. I have two or three rods ready to go strapped to the seats on my boat like this.

If the line and reel are wet, take the reel off the rod, store the rod and leave the reel out to dry, OK fully wound including the leader.

Hope this helps

Thanks MrJeff. That was about what I imagined. With no fly on, do you use a rubber band or something to keep it from unravelling, or is it not too much of an issue with a fly rod?

Never found it necessary as the reel prevents unravelling. Perhaps if you have a spool off the reel it may be helpful to keep the end visible by using a small piece of masking tape.

Fishing forum > Storing Your Fly Rod


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